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Cuba: Bill Richardson denied access to Alan Gross

Friday, September 9th, 2011

Hopes cool for freedom of American jailed in Cuba

Hopes that a U.S. government subcontractor jailed in Cuba might soon be freed were dashed when former New Mexico governor Bill Richardson said the Cuban government refused to let him meet with the prisoner.

In an exclusive interview with The Associated Press, Richardson described 62-year-old Alan Gross as an “American hostage.” He said he would not leave the island until he was allowed to see him at a military hospital where he is being held.

“My mission here as a private citizen is to secure the release of Alan Gross, an American hostage,” Richardson said late Thursday. “I’ve been informed by the Cuban government that I would not be allowed to see Alan Gross during my visit.”

Richardson said that he had been scheduled to depart Saturday, but that he told Cuban officials he would not leave until he was granted a meeting with Gross.

“I promised his wife, Judy, that I would see him,” the governor said.

It was not clear whether he had any further meetings scheduled Friday.

This is not Richardson’s first trip to Cuba on Gross’ behalf; last year he went on a similar mission in August of 2010 and came back with no results, either.

My question is, why is a former Cabinet member of the current administration doing these trips? Apparently (I’m not totally clear on this – why invite him, just to deny him access to Gross?) the Cuban government invited him this time, and yes, back when he was a Congressman, Richardson secured the release of three political prisoners.

That was in 1996.

It’s not the same to have a former Congressman, a former Cabinet member, to try this sort of negotiation; it’s just a matter of time before the Cuban regime makes Richardson leave.

The question now is, Will Cuba’s Dissidents Save Alan Gross? Capitol Hill Cubans have an interesting take.


On the radio

Wednesday, August 25th, 2010

In Silvio Canto’s radio show today at 10AM Eastern. Listen live at KVCE radio. If you are in Texas you can listen at 1160 AM.

The show is also archived at BlogTalkRadio.

We talk about New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson’s trip to Cuba and the possibility he may request the release of Alan P. Gross, who has been imprisoned since December 2009; and also about Mexican corruption.


Richardson quits, Obama looks for new Commerce Secretary

Monday, January 5th, 2009

Bill Richardson, who last April was shaking hands with Chavez,

is under investigation for the kind of pay-to-play that Democrats have perfected in New Jersey:

_ Early 2003: Richardson wins legislative approval of a $1.6 billion highway and transportation construction program called Governor Richardson’s Investment Partnership, or GRIP.

_ October 2003: CDR Financial Products Inc. CEO David Rubin contributes $25,000 to Richardson political committee, Moving America Forward.

_ 2004: Bonds are issued for GRIP transportation program. CDR, which is based in Beverly Hills, Calif., becomes part of a team of investment and financial advisers selected by the New Mexico Finance Authority to put together the GRIP financing. CDR earns at least $951,000 in fees in 2004 for its services to the authority.

_ June 2004: CDR — under its former name, Chambers, Dunhill, Rubin and Co. — donates $75,000 to a political committee that Richardson established, Si Se Puede! Boston 2004 Inc. The donation comes a couple of months after the transportation financing arrangement won state approval.

_ 2005: Rubin gives $10,000 to Richardson’s re-election campaign.

_ Aug. 29, 2008: The New Mexico Finance Authority issues a statement saying it is “cooperating fully” with federal authorities in their investigation of CDR in connection with the 2004 issuance of bonds.

_ Nov. 14, 2008: Richardson meets in Chicago with President-elect Barack Obama, who interviews him about being secretary of state. New York Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton also is being considered for position.

_ Nov. 23, 2008: Democratic official says Richardson is Obama’s choice for commerce secretary.

_ Dec. 3, 2008: Obama announces his selection of Richardson as commerce secretary, calling him a leading “economic diplomat for America” in troubled times.

_ Dec. 10, 2008: Richardson’s expected replacement as New Mexico governor, Lt. Gov. Diane Denish, announces a transition advisory team.

_ Dec. 16, 2008: A person familiar with the proceedings tells The Associated Press that a federal grand jury is investigating how CDR won its contract. Richardson ducks questions about the company at a news conference.

_ Jan. 4, 2009: Richardson withdraws his name from consideration for commerce secretary.

The Obama team says that Richardson wasn’t forthcoming with them about the federal investigation.

Interestingly, American Spectator points out that (emphasis added)

But it isn’t just Obama and Richardson that Rubin has ties to. According to federal law enforcement officials familiar with the investigation, federal officials are also looking into CDR’s political and financial ties to Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell, as well as to Democrat state and local officials in Illinois, California, Florida, and Pennsylvania.

As I have posted here and at the Star Ledger’s NJ Voices blog, prominent fund-raiser and Rendell supporter Robert M. Feldman of Philadelphia is also under federal indictment. Small world.

Rubin has lots of connections among the Dems,

CDR also had close business ties to Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, marketing and selling financial instruments created through low-income housing “lease to own” programs across the country. “If someone wants to understand just how deep Democrats are into the housing bubble and the economic crisis, they should look at some of the financial wheeling and dealing around some of those ‘lease to own’ programs,” says a former Freddie Mac lobbyist based in Washington. “It’s a veritable ‘who’s who’ of Democratic state and local politics from New York to Los Angeles.”

Who will Obama nominate for Commerce Secretary? We shall soon find out. The list of prominent Democrats not under indictment is getting smaller by the day.


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The Last Monday in April Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean

Monday, April 28th, 2008

Welcome to the Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean. If you would like your posts included in the Carnivals, please email me: faustaw2 “at” gmail “dot” com.

Today’s big story: Bill Richardson’s trip to Caracas to ask Hugo Chavez, who has given $300 million dollars to the FARC, to negotiate for the release of three American FARC hostages.

Simon Romero of the NY Times reports,

The meeting itself was exceptional, marking a rare personal encounter between and a prominent American official and Mr. Chavez, following a sharp deterioration of political relations between the Bush administration and Venezuela’s government.

It’s not clear whether Richardson is ignorant of or indifferent to the anti-American propaganda Chavez spews weekly on TV.

Video: Bill Richardson habló después de reunirse con Chávez, video in Spanish:

Reunión Gobernador Richardson Presidente Chávez
by Radioaporrea

IBD Blogs commented on the visit. Others blogging about it:
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I also posted about it yesterday.

Another big story from last week, the body of Beatriz Porco, a 22-year-old Bolivian who won a scholarship to study medicine in Cuba two years ago, was returned to her family on April 2, minus several internal organs, including the girl’s brain, kidneys, lungs, and uterus. Humberto Fontova writing at NewsMax notices that this is not the first time this has happened under the Cuban “free healthcare” system.

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Guerrilleros de las FARC atacaron con armas no convencionales desde Ecuador a tropas de Colombia que prestaban seguridad a una petrolera, que cumple actividades de exploración en la frontera binacional, denunció el sábado el comandante del Ejército colombiano, general Mario Montoya.

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HACER’s Eneas Biglione was a guest on “Four Corners” of Press TV, making the case for NAFTA and Free Trade Agreements.

Obi’s Sister


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Bill Richardson, Hugo’s latest friend

Sunday, April 27th, 2008

The Democrats continue to side with Chavez: While pursuing the VP spot in the Obama ticket Bill Richardson meets with Chavez and asks him to negotiate with the FARC.

Richardson says Chavez can help with US hostages in Colombia

Gov. Bill Richardson, D-N.M., told The Associated Press in a telephone interview that he plans to put forward a proposal for the release of the three U.S. defense contractors in the coming weeks and that Chavez is willing to work with him as a “primary mediator.”

The Democratic governor met with Chavez on Saturday night to discuss the issue. The president did not release any statements following the meeting.

Video in Spanish at Noticias 24:

Reunión Gobernador Richardson Presidente Chávez
by Radioaporrea

IBD Blogsasks questions,

Bill Richardson had an hour and a half meeting with Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez – whose goons were beating up Venezuelan student dissidents in the streets this morning. Richardson had nothing but praise for the dictator, and said he was key to freeing three Americans held hostage in Colombia. Now, Hugo is famous for paying their kidnappers $300 million or at least pledging it, according to information found in the FARC computer. He’s no impartial player, he’s the FARC’s best friend on earth. That makes him a state sponsor of terror. Why Richardson is consorting with such a person is beyond us – we called President Uribe’s office a few weeks ago and were told they did not want Hugo Chavez involved in any way shape or form with the hostage release. But still Richardson goes to meet the dictator. Question: What did he promise the dictator? Did he promise to cut off Colombia’s military aid if Obama is elected, as one of the ‘gringos’ named in the FARC computer passed on secretly to FARC terrorist Raul Reyes? These thugs don’t give things away for free. What did Richardson promise Chavez? And why is Richardson defying President Uribe and involving Chavez at all?

I want to know, who paid for Richardson’s trip? New Mexico’s taxpayers?


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