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The pause that refreshes: Bear on Trail Mix

Wednesday, January 28th, 2009

Via LGF linkviewer,

Bear Grylls fans will eat it up!


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“Nice” movie Nazis, and a roundup

Saturday, December 20th, 2008

Steve rips Tom Cruise In an Industry of the Blind

I think when you notice your boss shipping trainloads of Jews and gypsies and gays off to be gassed and turned into lampshades, and your big concern is that he may lose a war and cause problems for your country, you can be said to have completely lost sight of the high moral ground. Maybe I’m being unfair to Claus von Stauffenberg–the man Cruise plays–but judging from this quotation about Poland, I sort of doubt it:
The population here are unbelievable rabble; a great many Jews and a lot of mixed race. A people that is only comfortable under the lash. The thousands of prisoners will serve our agriculture well.


Betsy links to Mark Steyn’s Holiday Cheer

Roger Kimball writes about Sarah Palin,

I know that Sarah Palin is a deeply divisive figure, as much for the Right as for the Left. One of the reasons I so admired–make that present tense, “admire”–her is that, of all the candidates, she was the only one who advocated and embodied the virtue of people standing up for themselves. She was nobody. Her last name was Kennedy. She wasn’t married to a former president of the United States. Her family wasn’t rich. But she decided she wanted to become mayor of her town, and she did it. Then she decided she wanted to become governor of her state: she did that, too, unseating an good-old-boy from her own party. It may be that the word “existential” has never passed Palin’s lips, but she understands the existential value of independence. She knows that big government is intrusive government and that, as Gerry Ford put it, “A government big enough to give you everything you want is a government big enough to take from you everything you have.”

HRW v Hugo Chavez st sycophants: Human rights in Venezuela.

Richard Fernandez contemplates The march of folly

The 3 Amigos Celebrate Success in Iraq… Shine Light on Cut-&-Runners. Check out the photo.

Bear Grylls is the seventh coolest guy of the year. Daniel Craig is fifth.


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Bear Grylls injured

Monday, December 8th, 2008

Long-time readers of this blog know I’m fond of the Man v. Wild and crazy guy Bear. I get lots of visitors looking for “Bear Grylls naked”. He’s not naked, he injured his shoulder (via Jawa & SYLG):
‘Man vs. Wild’ host injured in Antarctic expedition

Adventurer and TV show host Bear Grylls injured his shoulder in Antarctica during an expedition to raise money for an international charity, the Discovery Channel said Sunday.

Bear Grylls, host of “Man vs. Wild,” was injured in Antarctica during an expedition to raise money for charity.

Grylls was injured Friday night after falling during the expedition, which was not for the Discovery Channel, according to the network’s statement.

The statement said that Grylls is returning to the UK to receive medical attention.

Let’s pray for a quick recovery, so he’s back jumping into a frozen pond soon.


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Remote control

Friday, September 26th, 2008

My latest post at LadyBlog, Remote Control, is up at LadyBlog. Read it and comment, if you please.

More blogging later.

The Bear hunters are back

Sunday, May 18th, 2008

It’s that time of year: dozens of Bear Grylls fans come to my blog looking for “Bear Grylls naked.”

Unfortunately I don’t have any still photos of the very delectable Mr. Grylls in the buff.

However, here’s a nice YouTube of behind the scenes in Patagonia:

And let’s not forget the naked scene of the same episode:

Unfortunately they blurred the naughty bits.

He also sings “I love a-rach-nids” in the Discovery Channel ad:

For more Bear treats, here’s the official Discovery Channel website and his blog. Don’t miss the slideshow.

I wonder where he goes on vacation.


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Bear’s back! And he’s got yomps.

Sunday, November 11th, 2007

I should be catching up on homework but why do homework when instead one can post about Bear Grylls?

I knew it was time for a new season of Bear Grylls on the Discovery Channel when a lot of people suddenly started coming to my blog this past week.

Mr. Grylls has a blog, where he looks gorgeous while grimy:

I routinely train for three to four hours a day to keep my physical fitness at the level needed to sustain the pace of each shoot; this routine includes weights, running, yoga, rucksack runs, yomps, and circuit training.

What are yomps, I wonder?

Unfortunately he hasn’t updated it for a while. Fans will be more satisfied with the Discovery Channel website.

Here’s an interview on his latest Everest romp:

Here’s Bear talking to Conan:

“Naked, with a pair of boots and a trenchcoat” will certainly bring more viewers to any blog or website that shows him in that. There’s a persistent couple of people who keep coming to my blog looking for “Bear Grylls naked”.

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The Bear necessities

Tuesday, July 31st, 2007

Bear sings!

Maria sent me this:
Reuters’s Andrew Wallenstein is shocked, SHOCKED! that Bear Grylls spent a night or two in a motel:

But this British adventurer is now the subject of an investigation by U.K.’s Channel 4, which already has confirmed that Grylls checked into motels on a few occasions when he was depicted on TV having slept under the stars.

Considering how, when I watch the program, I sit there hoping Bear would be staying in a motel, I’m actually relieved to hear it.

Andrew’s outrage comes from his belief that,

“Wild” restored a sense of realism to being marooned and sold us on the fantasy that we could learn the actual skills for survival.

Perhaps the show restored Andrew’s belief that he could learn the actual skills for survival. Every time I’ve watched that show it has restored my belief that I would have been dead by the first ad break.

I look forward to the 3rd Man Vs Wild season.

Go for it, Bear.

Bear sings!

Thank you to the friend (and Bear fan) who prefers to remain anonymous.


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Bear sightings

Thursday, June 14th, 2007

Yesterday three dozen people came to my blog from googling “Bear Grylls”, plus two who were searching for “Bear Grylls naked”.

At first I was puzzled as to why the sudden interest, but later last night when I was watching Mythbusters, I realized that Bear’s new season starts tomorrow.

I’m sorry to dissapoint the latter two, but here’s a shirtless Bear Grylls YouTube:

Monsters and Critics World Premiere Friday, June 15, 9 PM ET/PT

EVERGLADES: This premiere episode finds host Bear Grylls stranded in the swamps of the Florida Everglades, where each year at least 60 tourists need to be rescued. With more than a million alligators, thousands of snakes and even black bears roaming these waterlogged lands, the area has more than its share of hazards. Bear demonstrates how to keep alligators at bay, deal with vicious razor-sharp grass and find stomach-churning food that will keep you alive if you find yourself stranded in this beautiful but dangerous destination.

The first thing I’d do if stranded in the Everglades would be calling my sister on the cell phone, since she lives in the area. But then, she’d probably come along so then the two of us would be stranded.

The Phoenix is quite insulting, calling Bear “English boy adventurer”.

Over on the Discovery Channel, English boy adventurer Bear Grylls backflipped off a chopper into the ultramarine waters of the Pacific, swam two miles to a desert island, scaled a cliff, descended through the root system of a banyan tree, and finally found a hospitable little cove, where he subsisted for a few days on coconuts and tiny fish ( MAN VS. WILD , Friday at 9 pm). A juicy turtle passed within harpoon range, but Bear courteously forwent a feast on account of the turtle’s position on the endangered-species list. Both Bear and Criss, as they go about their respective tasks, make a selection of animalistic grunts and coughs. Shinning down the coconut tree seemed particularly hard on Bear, who grimaced against the chafing bole and warned the viewer against it “as a bloke.”

Last month Bear glided over Everest

Flying over the top of the world A British Everest summiteer has become the first man to fly higher than the top of the world in a powered paraglider.

Bear Grylls, who at the age of 23 became the youngest British climber to scale Mount Everest in 1998, achieved a feat that had been deemed impossible by many critics prior to the mission.

The Telegraph carried his arcticles,Flying into a dream and has a video you can watch here

Here’s a selection of books authored by Mr. Grylls,

I haven’t found Man Vs Wild on DVD yet, but when I do I’ll link to it.

Meanwhile, if Mr. Grylls is reading this, please email me at faustaw-at-yahoo-dot-com. I’d love to have you as my podcast guest.


In other diversions, I have become addicted to Facebook. I’m learning the ropes and just this morning asked a question, but then I made a mistake and the question got sent to all my friends, which probably means I’ve annoyed everyone early in the morning. My apologies to all.

Jeff Jarvis (who is a lot better at figuring out Facebook than I am) has a terrific post, Facebook: the platform of people?

Does Bear Grylls have a Facebook page? Well, I looked and there are dozens of Bear Grylls Facebook pages. Will the real Bear Grylls please stand up?
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Bear and Ugly Betty

Friday, March 16th, 2007

Last night I wanted to watch TV, but 24 and House weren’t on, so I settled by flipping back and forth between Man vs Wild and Ugly Betty.

Man vs Wild is an acquired taste. On the one hand, Bear Grylls is very attractive. On the other hand, he eats termites. Last evening’s Mt Kilauea episode apparently was a re-run but I wanted to see him walking on lava fields.

I had never watched Ugly Betty before, and years ago I only saw a few minutes of Betty la fea (yes, that means Ugly Betty), the original soap on which it’s based.

The original Betty la fea character was in much uglier disarray that Ugly Betty, but after a makeover that took months, she got the guy at the end. Betty la fea was the usual ugly-duckling/Cinderella story but it was so successful across Latin America that the Colombians did another ugly duclking/Cinderella soap with a guy, Pedro el escamoso (which I would translate as Geeky Pete, instead of the more literal Creepy Pete). The guy playing Pedro wore a mullet, created a dance that became a fad, and got the girl at the end.

Pedro had four things in his favor: he was in great shape, had a truly beautiful voice, he was a good man, and he was really funny – a lethal combination in any guy. One’s willing to overlook a mullet. His fans certainly did.

Since nothing exceeds like excess, Germany, Holland, India, Mexico, Russia, the USA, and Spain came up with their own versions of girls wearing orthodontia and eyeglasses.

Which comes to show you the universality of a cliche.

But back to Betty: I actually liked the program. This Betty is young, and homely (due in great part to her clothes and hairdo), but is a good role model for young girls.
Here’s why:
1. Betty loves a guy that doesn’t love her back. That’s the existential crisis of every teenager. In last night’s episode she finally figured out that trying to be his friend that tags along while he goes on a date with someone else is not a good idea.
The good thing about it is, she stopped that, and she was fine.

2. Betty helps other people do the right thing. The show is not preachy, and indeed Betty arrived at that moment after much meandering. But she knew what the right thing was, and she was able to bring around the other character to turn herself to the police.

3. Betty has good friends, and a good family. They’re Mexican but they don’t sound like “dees”; they say “these”. They are fully integrated into American society, another excellent thing.

4. The show pokes fun at fashionista slaves while at the same time showing what really looks good.

How does this relate to Bear? I’m not quite sure yet, but you can order his t-shirts for $39. Just don’t go walking on the lava fields.

Update A Bear fan emailed asking for a YouTube:

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If you can’t say something good about someone, and today’s items

Friday, March 16th, 2007

If you can’t say something good about someone, go read Riding The View with Rosie
Howard Dean: Unplugged and Under Medicated


Via Zeitnot, Steven Pinker on the Decline of Violence
“Our ancestors were far more violent than we are.” We’re probably living in the most peaceful time of our species’ existence, a statement that seems almost obscene in light of Darfur and Iraq.

The decline of violence, he tells us, is a fractal phenomenon – we see it over the centuries, the decades and the years. That said, we see a tipping point in the 16th century – the age of reason – particularly in England and Holland.

I wonder what that professor would make of this


Coca-Cola should drop the ‘coca,’ Bolivia growers say, because “coca is sacred”.

Coke is it!

Coke has some 70 clean-water projects in 40 countries, a service it hopes will eventually boost local economies and broaden its consumer base. But the efforts are also part of a broader strategy under Chairman and Chief Executive E. Neville Isdell to build Coke’s image as a local benefactor and global diplomat. “You have to be an integral and functioning part both in perception and reality in every community in which you operate,” he said in an interview.


Arab Feminist Soft Sell of Hezbollah at the International Museum of Women.

Because women need an international museum.


In a lighter note,
Over at the BBCA broadcast, they had a report on French electoral polling of pets. Dogs were for Sarko, cats for Sego. I wondered what Marvin and Maynard would say, but then, Marvin and Maynard are not French. Marvin’s blogging – go check it out.

Maria tells me that The Sopranos are filming in Morris Plains. I wonder if the bear has a cameo? A local corporation has sent a memo with instructions on what to do if the bear finds you, among them,

Black bear attacks are extremely rare. If a black bear does attack, fight back — do not play dead.

If Bear Grylls attacks, however, expect an entirely different reaction.


Right now I’m listening to some of the most beautiful music man has created,