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South of the Border’s lying lovefest

Saturday, June 26th, 2010

I’ve posted that South of the Border tanked in Caracas, and will tank here. Well, if you read this review, you can understand why,
To Chavez, With Love
Oliver Stone’s mash note to the dictators of Latin America.

While the film’s major focus is on Mr. Chávez, it also covers Bolivia’s Evo Morales, Brazil’s Lula da Silva, Argentina’s Cristina Kirchner, Fernando Lugo of Paraguay, Rafael Correa of Ecuador, and Fidel Castro’s younger brother, Raul. By Mr. Stone’s lights, all of these heads of state should be celebrated for daring to take on our country, the imperialist giant. “It is the big story that hasn’t been told,” Mr. Stone said. “These leaders are being trashed as dictators because our leaders don’t like them.”

The film depicts the ups and downs of Mr. Chávez’s rise to power, including his failed 1992 coup. It recounts how he was saved from death by armed forces loyal to him, and was brought back to power in large part by Gen. Raul Baduel. The general is shown discussing the role he played in Mr. Chávez’s restoration.

A small detail Mr. Stone conveniently leaves out is that in 2009, Gen. Baduel, who Mr. Chávez had appointed as defense minister, was stripped of power, indicted for corruption, and imprisoned because he had opposed Mr. Chávez’s attempts to institute constitutional changes that would transform Venezuela into a formal dictatorship.

What Mr. Stone and his writers have presented is a standard far-left narrative that is part of a long line of propaganda films, a modern American version of the old agitprop. There are no dissenting voices in this film. Nor is there any mention of the fact that Mr. Chávez has closed down television and radio stations that disagree with him and arrested dissenting political figures.

Another sin of omission: Mr. Stone makes no mention of Chile, which in the 1970s embraced economic liberalization and successfully reduced poverty much more than Mr. Chávez has managed to do in his own country. As writer Tariq Ali argued after the film ended, even under the recent socialist government Chile did not make the kind of structural Marxist changes that he and Mr. Stone believe is necessary for real change. Thus moderate leftist countries south of our border simply don’t count as “progressive.” Perhaps that’s why the filmmakers only praise those regimes that use their elected office to quickly institute an end to all limitations on their power.

Those interested in the truth about Latin America should save their money when “South of the Border” opens this weekend, and rent Ofra Bikel’s “The Hugo Chavez Show” from Netflix, or watch it for free on the PBS Frontline website instead.

Speaking of which, here’s FrontLine’s The Hugo Chavez Show, and the first part in YouTube,

While we’re watching movies, Syria’s Assad is on a state visit to Venezuela.

Alek Boyd:

The bit in the [New York Times] article that caught my attention though, was this:

Instead Mr. Stone relies heavily on the account of Gregory Wilpert, who witnessed some of the exchange of gunfire and is described as an American academic. But Mr. Wilpert is also the husband of Mr. Chávez’s consul-general in New York, Carol Delgado, and a longtime editor and president of the board of a Web site,, set up with donations from the Venezuelan government, affiliations that Mr. Stone does not disclose.

For years I have been following the activities of Gregory Wilpert, arguing that he was nothing more than a paid propagandist, for I was convinced that, unless some benefit was derived, no one with a right mind would risk reputation defending Chavez so passionately, as Wilpert has done. Then I found out that the site he edits was registered and set up by Chavez’s Consul in San Francisco, and it was further revealed to me that Wilpert was married to a chavista: Chavez’s Consul in New York. I got to admit, some fanatics, Wilpert included, did write to me to say that my expose of Wilpert’s connections meant nothing. I guess now that it has been printed in the New York Times I can feel vindicated.


One party? Not so fast

Tuesday, March 6th, 2007

Venezuela’s communists, other leftists, resist president’s push for single socialist party. See update below

At the same time, Academic Elephant, blogging at Red State, asks, Is the opposition in Venzuela really dead? Rosales is forming a new opposition party.

Are there signs to a crumbling power equation? Gustavo Coronel explores the subject as Chavez shifts from strategic action to instrumental action.

Academic Elephant had a great post on Chaveonomics 101. Things are so bad in the Venezuelan economy that Hugo’s officially announced that he’ll massage the inflation numbers so they don’t look as bad. Things are getting worse:

In the slums of Caracas, Chavista grocery patrons are now being branded on their bellies (food goes into your belly, right?) with indelible ink by store personnel to ensure that they do not buy more chicken than the government arbitrarily allows.

Still, he continues to nationalize whatever he sees fit. Crime is rising, and tourists are robbed and raped in their hotels

Venezuela was ranked among the four most dangerous countries on the Latin Security Index developed by Holder International for Latin Business Chronicle.

According to the US State Department, Venezuela’s one of the principal drug-transit countries in the Western Hemisphere.

Venezuela News and Views has a round-up on How to deal with Chavismo – and Hillary wants us to turn off the lights ‘because we don’t want to send any more money to Chavez in Venezuela’. Good idea Hillary, now please go tell Joe to go fall in line because ‘I Do Feel Noways Tired of his affiliation with the newly-minted dictator.

While continuing to enhance ties with Iran, Hugo’s not friendly towards its neighbor Guyana. Now imagine a small defenseless country bordering with a large country that has embarked in an arms race that appears to have no limit.

Last evening I was working on this post when my friend Sigmund Carl and Alfred emailed me this article, Syria ready with bio-terror if U.S. hits Iran
Damascus reportedly hiding WMD among commercial pharmaceuticals
. As it turned out, he sent the email just as I was reading that the Venezuelan Foreign Minister was visiting Syria’s Bashar Assad in preparation for Assad’s visit to Venezuela.

Update V Crisis posts on the single party story: Venezuela’s communists weary of Chavez’s hegemonic construct?

The business of determining what Venezuelan political event will be picked up by major international news outlets is tricky. The communist State of Venezuela has become a place where not two weeks go by without a major scandal hitting the news. And when I say major scandal I’m not exaggerating. Check out these examples since the beginning of this year:

— Hugo Chavez declares himself a dictator and promises to send Church hierarchs literature on Marx and Lenin so that they’ll understand what his ‘socialism of the 21st century’ is all about.
— Officials from Venezuela, by any measure an underdeveloped country, sign in London, by any measure and in itself one of the world’s leading economies, an agreement to subsidise fuel of its public bus fleet.
— Hugo Chavez sort of makes official his break up with Israel.
— Hugo Chavez nationalizes local and foreign owned power and telecom companies.

You must read the rest.