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The Venezuelan demonstrations Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean

Monday, February 24th, 2014

LatinAmerWithout a doubt, the week’s top story is the opposition’s continuing demonstrations in Venezuela, eclipsing even the capture in Mexico of Chapo Guzmán, the most-wanted criminal of the hemisphere (and who will face charges in at least three US federal courts), . You can click on #LaSalida for all my posts covering the story.

Clarin break-up plan passed under Argentine media law
Regulators in Argentina have approved a plan to break up the country’s biggest independent media group into six parts.

The tragedy of Argentina
A century of decline
One hundred years ago Argentina was the future. What went wrong?

. . . three deep-lying explanations help to illuminate the country’s diminishment. Firstly, Argentina may have been rich 100 years ago but it was not modern. That made adjustment hard when external shocks hit. The second theory stresses the role of trade policy. Third, when it needed to change, Argentina lacked the institutions to create successful policies.

“We have spent 50 years thinking about maintaining government spending, not about investing to grow,” says Fernando de la Rúa, a former president who resigned during the 2001 crisis.

This short-termism distinguishes Argentina from other Latin American countries that have suffered institutional breakdowns. Chile’s military dictatorship was a catastrophic fracture with democracy but it introduced long-lasting reforms. Mexico’s Institutional Revolutionary Party governed steadily for most of the 20th century. “In Argentina institution-building has taken the form of very quick and clientilist redistribution,” says Daron Acemoglu of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Elliott vs Argentina: 3 possible resolutions

China makes inroads in the Bahamas with Baha Mar mega-resort

Belize Sign On To Jaguar Corridor Initiative

Bolivia under water: Why no national disaster declared amid floods?
The Bolivian government says its massive aid operation, which includes food and tents, is well underway, but not everyone is satisfied with the response.

Turnabout in Bolivia as Economy Rises From Instability

Brazil Sidestepping to the Right
via Instapundit.

Drought Could Drain More Than Brazil’s Coffee Crop

Pedophile Priest Defies Vatican Order

Colombia`s left; human rights hypocrites

5 things that happened this week in Costa Rica’s presidential runoff campaign

Venezuela: Another Reason Why Cuba Remains a State-Sponsor of Terrorism

On eighth day of hunger strike, Cuban activist Antunez vomiting blood (UPDATED)

A husband-and-wife pair of Olympic skiers representing Dominica are having a nightmare week in Sochi

Haitians will not be stripped of Dominican Republic citizenship

Plastic Surgery in the Dominican Republic: Is the Cheap Cost of Medical Tourism Worth the Risk?

Ecuador’s President Correa Faces Test in Regional Elections
Correa Seeks to Strengthen his Hold, Secure Continuity for His Government

At least 8 dead, 12 wounded in Guatemala violence

Jamaican bobsled team faces uncertain future

Stalled Spending Chokes Mexico’s Growth
Mexico posted its worst economic performance in 2013 since the global recession of 2009, thanks in part to massive government spending delays that businesses struggled to overcome.

Obama finds that the world intrudes on his travels

Yet Another Devastating Blow to the Drug Gangs! Another Decisive Victory in the War on Drugs!


A canal across Nicaragua: Is this for real? Here’s a hint: “The price tag alone is nearly four times Nicaragua’s economic output.”

Panama Canal expansion project resumes after work stoppage

Maria Doyle Kennedy speaks about filming ‘Eliza Lynch: Queen of Paraguay’

Video: Peru creates a special place for expectant mothers to wait — and wait

Puerto Rico Plans $2.86 Billion Offering for 16 Months of Cash, supposedly “to regain financial footing” until June 2015. And then what?

Puerto Rico Diocese Opposes Criminal Investigation Into Sex Abuse Cases

Cubanization at work: Venenozuela drives out its Jewish community

Venezuela says ‘fascists’ CNN can stay but calls on media to rectify coverage

Caracas: Venezuelan Opposition Leader Leopoldo López Faces 10 Years in Prison

Will Venezuela Follow Ukraine?

On the March in Caracas

Venezuela: chaos and thuggery take the place of the pretty revolution
Hugo Chávez’s dream world has become a nightmare of shot-down protesters, jailed oppositionists, economic meltdown and a brutal war waged against a defiant middle class

Video: Venezuelan Citizens Scream At National Guard “We Are The People, Do Not Hurt Us!”

The week’s posts, radio, and podcast:
Venezuela: #24F Barricading the country

CSpan Panel: #Venezuela and Democracy

Venezuela: En español, las grandes fortunas de los chavistas en el Imperio mismo

Mexico: El Chapo caught

Venezuela: More protests today #22F

Venezuela: Not “a slow news week”

En español: Libro Desarrollo económico y pobreza en América Latina: El rol de los Planes Sociales”

Venezuela: Shooting in the streets

Mexico: Obama arrives for summit

Venezuela: Today’s roundup

Venezuela: What’s happening today #18F #PrayForVenezuela

At Da Tech Guy: Venezuela: “We must become the media”

Radio: DaTechGuy on DaRadio Noon-2 Fausta & Da Magnificent Panel

This week’s podcast had to be cancelled due to software difficulties at Blog Talk Radio.

The “I swear it by Louis Vuitton” Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean

Monday, January 13th, 2014

LatinAmerThe week’s big news in Latin America was the terrible murder of Mónica Spear and ex-husband Henry Thomas Berry in Venezuela.

However, I dedicate this week’s Carnival to the best-named style blog Te lo juro por Louis Vuitton (I swear it by Louis Vuitton), which comes from Argentina.


Latin American rivers among most polluted in the world, says new study
Experts are warning of a possible public health and environmental crisis after it was revealed that rivers in Latin America are some of the most polluted in the world

US Supreme Court to Hear Appeal In Argentina Case
Argentina seeks to stop Elliott Management unit from obtaining records on accounts maintained by officials, including President Kirchner

The court, in a brief written order, agreed to hear an appeal by Argentina seeking to stop Elliott Management Corp.’s NML Capital Ltd. from obtaining records on accounts maintained by Argentina and leading public officials, including its president, Cristina Kirchner.

$100M lawsuit over Bahamas chopper crash refiled

Bolivia Uses G77 Post to Put Coca Legalization on International Agenda

Gunmen kill Brazil church’s pastor
Police in Brazil say two gunmen killed an evangelical pastor by shooting him at his church in the city of Belo Horizonte.

Brazil Forging Economic Ties With Cuba, While Hiring Its Doctors

Brazilian College Student Auctions Off Her Virginity AGAIN, h/t Instapundit

Chile forest fires spark health alert as smoke spreads
The Chilean government has declared a health alert in four of the country’s 15 regions as smoke from dozens of forest fires spreads

Chilean fishermen win court backing
Chile’s Supreme Court sides with fishing groups and orders the operator of two coal power plants to ensure they do not pollute or kill marine life.

Spain’s Crown Prince Honors Indigenous Latin America Moviemakers

Colombia once again ranked happiest country in the world: survey

: Very gruesome photos Atrocity in Cuba: revisiting the horrors of Mazorra

Mysterious Death of Young American in Cuba

Spreading Use of Internet Tools in Cuba, Other Repressive Lands is Essential for Freedom

Cuban rights group counts more than 6,400 political arrests in 2013

El Comercio: Enlace ciudadano 356, desde Babahoyo, provincia de Los Ríos

Read the Overwhelming Evidence of Fraud, Extortion and Other Misconduct

During a six-week federal trial in New York, Chevron introduced overwhelming evidence of fraud, extortion and other misconduct as part of a civil lawsuit against Steven Donziger and his associates.

Read a comprehensive summary of Chevron’s claims and supporting evidence against Steven Donziger and his associates in the company’s post-trial brief here.

World Bank Is Criticized for Honduran Loan
The bank’s ombudsman delivered a stinging review of a loan to a palm-oil company engaged in a violent conflict with poor farm workers over land in Honduras.

‘Moderate’ Iran maintains terrorist cells in Latin America.

Los caballeros templarios: Executive Slaying Sparks New Fears
The death of a top ArcelorMittal executive, believed to be the work of a powerful drug cartel, raises concerns about foreign companies operating in Mexico.

In 2011, Israel Arenas Durán disappeared in northern Mexico. Why can’t the government find him — and the thousands of others who’ve gone missing in the country’s drug war?

Deep-water drilling is a test for Mexican oil company Pemex

As Costs Soar, Who Will Pay For The Panama Canal’s Expansion?

Panama named best place in the world to retire
That’s where retirees will get the most bang for their buck, and be able to bask in the sun and warm weather every day. Plus, a new program makes it easy to establish residence in Panama. Also on the list of top places to retire are Ecuador, Malaysia and Costa Rica.
I don’t know about Malaysia, but Ecuador would not be on my list. The Huffpo has a 5-part series: Is Panama Truly a Retirement Haven?

Paraguay, world’s second largest producer of marijuana will not legalize

Vigilantes whip ‘prostitutes’ in Peruvian nightclub attack
In disturbing scenes, members of a local vigilante group in Peru storm a nightclub, whipping and shoving dozens of female employees

In Puerto Rico, ditching sun and sand for a day in the caves

Michael Misick, Former Turks and Caicos leader extradited from Brazil under U.S. escort, spends first night in prison on corruption charges.

8 reasons Uruguay’s not all that
Media have hyped up the tiny South American country that just legalized weed. Sorry for the buzz kill, but …

Hundreds protest over murdered Miss Venezuela
Hundreds took to the streets of Caracas to demand the government protect its citizens from callous killers, following the murder of a former Miss Venezuela and her British ex-husband

Violence in Venezuela
Crime and impunity

Cubazuela Aims to Annex Puerto Rico

The week’s posts:
Puerto Rico: 6.4 earthquake

Mexico: “Shame and Name”, Blacklisting for taxes

Colombia: When El Dorado is the gateway to freedom

Cuba: Dementor sighting at an art gallery

Venezuela: Aftermath of the Spears murder

Chile: Somebody didn’t read the instructions for the #CauCau bridge

Panama: no deal on Canal overruns

En español: Terapia intensiva 190

Libre’s initiative

Chile: Palestinian shirts making a statement

Uruguay: What not to wear

At Da Tech Guy Blog: Venezuela: Killing beauty

Bahamas: Cuban arrivals from Bahamas allege beatings and sexual abuses

Saturday, August 31st, 2013

The Miami Herald reports that Cuban arrivals from Bahamas allege beatings and sexual abuses

The first Cubans to arrive in Miami from a notorious migrant detention center in Bahamas this month alleged Friday that guards regularly beat some of the male inmates and sexually abused some of the women.

One of the women repatriated from the center to Cuba earlier this month arrived pregnant by a guard, according to the Democracy Movement, a Miami group that has been helping the undocumented migrants detained in Nassau.

The movement led a string of protests against the Bahamas government this summer after detainees at the Carmichael Road Detention Centre smuggled out cell phone images of inmates sewing their lips together in protest and an alleged guard kicking prisoners.

Haitians have also complained about the conditions at the infamous Carmichael Road detention center for many years.

The third Monday in August Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean

Monday, August 19th, 2013

Argentina’s primary elections
Bad dress rehearsal
Cristina Fernández has an uphill struggle ahead of mid-term elections

Bahamas deports 24 Cuban refugees
The government of the Bahamas deports back to Cuba 24 refugees who had applied for asylum in the US and other countries.

Brazil Concerned About Hotel Price Hikes at WCup

Chile strike at BHP Billiton’s Escondida mine ends

Colombia`s police force, corrupt and incompetent?

A small red raccoon? No, an olinguito. Olinguito: ‘Overlooked’ mammal carnivore is major discovery
Scientists in the US have discovered a new animal living in the cloud forests of Colombia and Ecuador.
Watch the video at the link.

Namibia pays its debt to Castro Kingdom with endangered wildlife

2 Cuban political prisoners sentenced to more time in Castro gulag

The revolución‘s Royalty and Servitude

Plan to Ban Oil Drilling in Amazon Is Dropped

Terror Threat in Latin America

Mexico Steps Up Security After Drug Lord’s Capture
Arrest of Gulf Cartel Kingpin Is New Blow to Criminal Groups

Mexican oil workers fear Pemex proposal

Energy reform in Mexico
Giving it both barrels
The government has made a promising start, but it may struggle to bring an historic reform to fruition

Colombia and Nicaragua’s Maritime Dispute Intensifies

Domestic and regional political repercussions will heavily influence Colombia’s response. The threat of a second territorial maritime loss to Nicaragua would further weaken President Juan Manuel Santos’ reelection prospects. Inaction against Nicaragua, when combined with slow-moving negotiations with the FARC rebel group could cost Santos’ political party the presidency in 2014.

Panama May Hit North Korea with $1 Million Fine for Illicit Arms Transport. Good luck collecting it!

Paraguay’s New President Woos Foreign Investment

How Peru became the cocaine capital of the world
The recent arrests of British women in Lima highlight the large numbers of foreigners in the country’s jails facing smuggling charges and the Andes’ growing importance in the drugs trade

The rise of the Peruvian cocaine trade has also been driven by market forces. In recent years, demand for the drug has fallen substantially in the US, which was traditionally served by the Colombian trade. Peru, on the other hand, exports the majority of its illicit product to Brazil (where it is turned into the cheaper and more addictive crack), and to Europe. Unlike their American counterparts, British appetite for cocaine almost doubled during the Noughties.

Social Security Disability Fraud in Puerto Rico

Canadian bank abandons Uruguay following raid on its office on request from Argentine judge
The Royal Bank of Canada, RBC, is abandoning Uruguay following a raid in its offices at Zonamerica ordered by a Uruguayan magistrate on request from Argentina during which computers, documents on clients and even cell phones from staff were seized by the intervening party which included on-watching Argentine treasury police.

Tyrants and their enabling laws:
Showdown looms in Venezuela over decree powers plan

Maduro, who narrowly won an April election to replace his late mentor Hugo Chavez, says he is ready to change “all the laws” if necessary to stamp out widespread graft that is denting his popularity with some core supporters.

Venezuela central bank head replaced amid corruption claims

By subscription: Venezuela’s President Seeks Expanded Powers
Ruling by decree would enable Maduro to deal with deep economic and social problems.

The week’s posts and podcast:
Venezuela’s ruined agricultural industry

Cuba: 54 years of Revolución, for what?

Venezuela: The perils of hyperinflation

Pisco, the next tequila?

Venezuela: Unleashing homophobia

Puerto Rico: DoJ, FBI Disability fraud investigation under way

Mexico: Caro Quintero, and Fast & Furious

Mexico: Will the proposed energy reform be enough?

Mexico: Oil industry overhaul?

Panama: No deal with North Korea

Mexico: From exchange student in Iran to political refugee in 5 easy steps

Chile and other US-Latin America issues

The Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean

Monday, February 4th, 2013

Prepping The Next Conflict

Argentine-Iranian relations
A pact with the devil?

Gaming in the Bahamas
A bettor option
Churches and internet cafés face off in a referendum on gambling

Brazil’s Tax-Cutting, High-Growth Socialists. Four years ago, Lula schooled Obama on free trade, doing away with tariffs particularly on biofuels, and job creation.

Kidnappings Imperil Talks With Rebels in Colombia

Deadly clashes before Farc talks
Fighting between Farc rebels and Colombia’s government leaves at least nine people dead, as the latest round of peace talks start in Cuba.

Another Blowout in Eco Suit Against Chevron

A Fortune Mag/CNN Money article out this week reports the latest, overwhelming evidence of horrendous skullduggery in a long-running environmental case, supported by the highly corruptible Ecuadoran government, against the U.S.-based Chevron oil company. In a Manhattan federal district court, reports Fortune’s Roger Parloff, “Chevron filed the declaration of a former Ecuadorian judge, Alberto Guerra, who describes how he and a second former judge, Nicolás Zambrano, allegedly allowed the plaintiffs lawyers to ghostwrite their entire 188-page, $18.2 billion judgment against Chevron in exchange for a promise of $500,000 from the anticipated recovery.”

Latin American integration
Past and future
The region’s anachronistic new face

And yes, Angela Merkel did shake Raul Castro’s hand:

Relocation in the Andes: Perched in the Peruvian Andes is a new town built by a Chinese mining company to which 5,000 people will be relocated,

Peru’s roaring economy
Hold on tight
The biggest threats to Latin America’s economic star are overconfidence and complacency

Jackson Lewis opens in Puerto Rico as gateway to Latin America
US employment firm Jackson Lewis is to open an office in Puerto Rico, marking its first base outside of mainland US.

As Chavez takes his time, Havana rules Venezuela

The Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean

Monday, October 29th, 2012

Argentina supermarket roof collapse kills at least two

Ruling Hits Argentina Bonds

Hurricane Sandy Makes Landfall in The Bahamas

Bolivia vs. Venezuela’s Debt: What Are Investors Smoking (or Chewing)?

Brazil’s north-east
The Pernambuco model
Eduardo Campos is both modern manager and old-fashioned political boss. His success in developing his state may make him his country’s next president

Brazil Hit By New Blackout

Boycott on Google News leads to 5% loss in web traffic: Brazilian newspapers

Cuba-supported Terror Group, FARC, Speaks with a Forked Tongue

Colombia to Develop Its Own Drone Program to Combat Drug-Trafficking

Financing the Colombian War


How Castro Held the World Hostage

Seven Proposals After Hurricane Sandy

Peter Hitchens: The Guardian interviews me. And some Thoughts in Passing on Cuba and DNA, via Carlos Eire.

Fidel Castro reflections fade to a shadow

Reporter threatened in Ecuador after airing report on drugs and guns in schools

Pocket Litter: The Evidence That Criminals Carry

Mexico’s Drug Lords Ramp Up Their Arsenals with RPGs

Mexican Drug Gangs on “Verge of Collapse”?

The global Mexican
Mexico is open for business

Case of blonde girl beggar rescued from streets strikes nerve in Mexico; activists see racism, via Gates of Vienna.

Colon Free Zone: Panama debates land sale law repeal

Security Message for U.S. Citizens: Ongoing protests in Panama with possible violence

Day Two of dealing with hospitals in Panama.

Tense calm follows Peru market clashes

These Bond Portfolios Invest 25% Or More In Puerto Rico

Humor: No Habrá Más Preguntas En Debates; Candidatos Solo Hablarán M**rda Por Dos Horas

Venezuela’s Future Up in the Air

The Venezuelan brand of democracy

The week’s posts:
Is the Obama administration planning to release two more convicted terrorists?

The WaPo finds 900,000 Puerto Ricans in Florida

Argentina: High-end retailers leave the country

The third Monday in July Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean

Monday, July 18th, 2011

Buenos Aires’s mayor
Déjà vu all over again

Bahamas bans commercial shark fishing

¿Y dónde está el narco-informe? – EJU.TV

Chilean Bank Pauses Six-Month Rate Increase Cycle

Colombia’s Guerrillas: The Rebellion That Would Not Die

Ladies in White violently attacked yesterday by Castro State Security, h/t Instapundit.

Methodist leaders sell out their flock to the Castro regime

Mexico and the United States
Revving up
The end of an old haulage dispute will give Mexican exports an edge

Mexico Finds Large Marijuana Farm in Baja California

Today’s Video: All ashore

Panama’s economy
A Singapore for Central America?
Latin America’s fastest-growing country has set its sights high. First it needs a government as impressive as its economy

Casey Anthony could be heading to Puerto Rico after release
“It makes sense, Jose Baez is from Puerto Rico, he has got a whole Spanish community there…” Aphrodite Jones

Chávez Foe Convicted Over Remarks

Venezuelan gov’t retakes prison after weeks-long standoff

Prisons in Venezuela
The fifth circle of hell
An inmates’ mutiny highlights violence and overcrowding

Venezuela’s Docs Flee—So Does Chávez
It’s no coincidence that the president has returned to Cuba for medical attention.

Chávez-nomics has been even more devastating for doctors in the public hospitals. Dr. Douglas León Natera of the Venezuelan Medical Federation (FMV) told El Universal on June 16 that doctors earn a mere 2,600 bolivars (roughly $325 at the market exchange rate) monthly, and that even though hospitals have become targets of the country’s rising crime, the government has failed to provide protection for health-care staff. Doctors also cite scarce and low-quality resources and long hours. On June 30 the FMV called a strike to protest low pay and arduous working conditions. Last week Mr. Chávez offered them a 30% raise. They refused to yield. They are, however, continuing to treat urgent cases.

Pharmaceutical importers have been reluctant to complain publicly about their difficulties; large companies that offend Mr. Chávez can become targets of nationalization. It’s a bit more difficult to nationalize a doctor. A strike is just one option. Many of Venezuela’s best doctors have fled the country, which explains how it is, according to the FMV, that in public hospitals there are 130,000 patients waiting for surgery.

In its 2010 annual report, the ministry of health acknowledged the shortage of doctors, particularly in specialties such as anesthesiology, neonatal care, cardiovascular surgery, neurosurgery and child cardiology. Private hospitals are also deteriorating now as the poor turn up for care with government medical insurance, but the insurer doesn’t fulfill its obligation to pay.

In Venezuela, some cancer patients are more equal than others

Preparing for a post-Hugo Venezuela

U.S.-born Mexican-Americans Outnumber New Migrants

The week’s posts,
Chavez going to Cuba, not Brazil, for chemo VIDEO
Chavez heading to Brazil for healthcare?
WaPo notices the Castro-Chavez ties
Cuba’s Misery in Dollar Terms [UPDATED, JM]
Chavez now reading Nietzsche


The dead Mono Jojoy Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean

Monday, September 27th, 2010

As you may recall, Colombian authorities dealt a huge blow to the FARC by killing its #2 guy and seizing 15 laptops, which will surely reveal much valuable intelligence on the criminal/terrorist organization. Here’s my article at Real Clear World:
FARC’s Military Leader: He Died With His Boots On

Wine Wars – Argentina vs. Chile

Billionaire Aga Khan seeks permission to develop inside marine park in Bahamas (h/t Gates of Vienna)

Debate heats up over anti-racism law in Bolivia

The former guerrilla set to be the world’s most powerful woman
Brazil looks likely to elect an extraordinary leader next weekend
. “The world’s most powerful woman?” Makes you wonder if the fool ever hear of German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Juan Forero reports: Brazil quickly becoming a player in the global economy

Mobius Calls Petrobras Offering an `Abomination,’ May Represent a `Bubble’

As rescue nears, trapped Chilean miners prepare to deal with media spotlight

Plan Chiloé 2010 – 2014 genera debate

Mono Jojoy goes down

Colombian rebel leader reportedly killed in military strike

Position of killed FARC commander was determined by GPS in boot

Chávez dice que “uno no puede alegrarse por la muerte de nadie”
El mandatario venezolano habló de la baja del guerrillero de las Farc, alias el ‘Mono Jojoy’.

Keep the pressure on the Castro regime

Prisoners who refuse to resettle in Spain will be freed last – and only on parole

José Ángel Luque Álvarez, Cuban Political Prisoner of the Week, 9/19/10 (UPDATED x2)

The Evil Master

Mary O’Grady: Weekend at Fidel’s
Jeffrey Goldberg is not the first American journalist to cuddle up to Castro.

We are supposed to conclude that Cuba is no longer a threat to global stability and that Fidel is a reformed tyrant. But how believable is a guy whose revolution all but wiped out Cuba’s tiny Jewish community of 15,000, and who spent the past 50 years supporting the terrorism of the Palestinian Liberation Organization, Syria, Libya and Iran? And how does Castro explain Venezuela, where Cuban intelligence agents run things, Iran is an ally and anti-Semitism has been state policy in recent years? Mr. Goldberg doesn’t go there with Fidel.

It also is passing strange that we hear nothing from Mr. Goldberg about poor Alan Gross. Mr. Gross, a U.S. government contractor and a Jew, has been languishing in a Cuban prison since December. His crime: distributing computers to a handful of Cuban Jews who want to establish contact with the diaspora. Is that any way to show love for the Jewish people?

It never seems to cross Mr. Goldberg’s mind that he is being used in a manner Communists first learned at Lenin’s knee. Or perhaps he is happy to be useful. In a follow-up post he explains that since Fidel is not as bad as Pol Pot, Cubans should stop complaining.

Goldberg in turn says Mary’s “unhinged” because, after all, the Jews were not exterminated and can travel to Israel…only with permission of the government, Jeffrey.

Lots of developments on the Chevron case:
Subpoena Looms for Attorney in Chevron Case

Chevron Follows Up Its Blockbuster Release With a Sequel

Chevron Ecuador Case: Legal Observers Say Steven Donziger’s Actions Are Criminal


Honduran police arrest top suspect in killing of journalist

Things that make no sense to me

Protecting the Journalists

Ejército captura a líder operativo de Los Zetas
La Sedena refirre que José Angel Fernández, ‘El Pelón’, supuestamente estuvo involucrado en el ataque con bombas incendiarias en agosto al bar ‘Castillo del Mar’, en Cancún

Security on Border with Mexico is Still an Unresolved Issue

Not To Be Found In David

Foreign Direct Investment increases 26%

DNA paternity test clears Paraguay leader Fernando Lugo
Paraguayan President Fernando Lugo did not father a child with a woman who is suing him in a paternity case, DNA results have shown
h/t The Latin Americanist.

Peru and Thailand expect to negotiate an FTA soon.

My fellow compatriots, it looks like we better get ourselves new birth certificates:
State, feds won’t honor old Puerto Rican birth certificates
In New Jersey, Puerto Rico natives will soon need new birth certificates to get driver’s licenses, passports
In Pennsylvania, PennDOT sets limit on Puerto Rican birth certificates


Voter power in Venezuela rests with disillusioned
With Venezuela’s elections days away, many in the polarized nation say they are uninspired by the choices

Caracas Chronicles Exclusive: Jesse Chacón Forecasts Opposition Will Win 112 Seats

Estaría transportando uranio el vuelo directo Teherán-Caracas

Operation Sodom


Venezuela a Hotbed of Anti-Semitic Rantings by the Governing Elites
Hugo Chávez outdoes even Iran in fostering the most nauseating kind of anti-Semitism among the ruling elites while pushing comical conspiracy theories about the Jews.

For more on the National Assembly elections, check out this morning’s roundup and podcast.

Illegal immigration is no joke

The week’s posts and podcasts:
Chavez loses supermajority
Venezuela: National Assembly elections today VIDEO #S26
‘The Most Important Blow Ever Against the FARC’
That quote from Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos refers to the death in battle of Mono Jojoy, the terrorist rebel group FARC’s most senior military commander.

Brookings: Legalizing pot in Mexico not panacea
Whoa! FARC chief killed
Lula skips the UN, heads to G20


The last Monday of 2009 Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean

Monday, December 28th, 2009

LatinAmerWelcome to the Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean.


Weapons of Freedom

Time For Latinos to Stand Against Illegal Immigration
And it’s up to the rest of us to give them the benefit of the doubt and stop assuming that their loyalties lie elsewhere

Letter: Visitor safety in the Bahamas

Via Islam in Europe, Brazil – More Halal beef for Arab countries

Chile’s second transition

Colombia says Venezuela mistook Santa’s sleigh for US spy plane

FARC’s Plan to Booby Trap Colombia

Camila and her wicker basket

Cuba human rights worsened in 2009 — activist

Fake autobiography of Fidel is on target, writes reviewer, herself a Castro scholar

Christian Pilgrims to Bethlehem Honor Che Guevara

Curacao: Case of missing US diplomat going cold

Ecuador: Report Says U.S. Aided Attack On Rebels

Report says 225,000 Haiti children work as slaves

Anybody seen Pati?

Plane from D.C. overshoots runway in Jamaica; dozens injured

Family of Mexican marine slaughtered in revenge attack over raid that killed drug lord

Close quarters

Alan García cuestiona “angustia” de Evo Morales

2010 for Venezuela

How much does the Chavez Government have left in the parallel funds?

Via Islam in Europe, Chavez announces new discount ‘socialist’ stores

Chávez Accuses Netherlands of Plotting Aggression With the U.S.

The devil in a red tie


Los mejores montajes del 2009 del Chiguirre Bipolar:

The week’s posts and podcasts:
Chávez threatens Toyota, GM
Zelaya’s Christmas at the Brazilian embassy
Boy reunited with Dad in Brazil
‘Bloggera’ y también tanguera

The Sarko in Mexico Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean

Monday, March 9th, 2009

Welcome to the Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean. If you would like your posts included in next Monday’s Carnival, please email me: faustaw2 “at” gmail “dot” com.

The big stories last week were Hugo Chavez’s nationalizing American food producer Cargill in Venezuela, and the change in the Cuban Communist regime. Developing this week: Nicolas Sarkozy’s first state visit to Mexico, and Lula’s visit to the White House on Saturday.

The Sarko visit, in today’s podcast:
French President Nicolas Sarkozy and his wife Carla Bruni spent the weekend at the beach and touring Aztec ruins with Mexican President Felipe Calderon. Sarkozi’s first state visit to Mexico starts today. He’s expected to discuss the upcoming G-20 meeting, economic crisis and the Florence Cassez case.

Other links from the international media on the Sarko visit:
Le Figaro: Mexique : Sarkozy et Calderon évoquent «l’affaire Cassez»
Libération: Affaire Florence Cassez : transfèrement «probable»
France24: Cassez case casts long shadow over Sarkozy’s state visit
French President Nicolas Sarkozy is visiting Mexico on a mission to boost trade with the Central American country. He will also plead the case of Frenchwoman Florence Cassez, who is languishing in a Mexican jail on kidnap charges.

El Universal: Calderón-Sarkozy: una cita en tierra de dioses
Sin actos protocolarios, los presidentes de México, Felipe Calderón, y de Francia, Nicolas Sarkozy, recorrieron ayer las pirámides de Teotihucán

UK’s Mail: Sarkozys’ stay in £3,000-a-night Mexican villa sparks outrage in recession-hit France


Border lawmakers fear narco-nuke terrorism link

Bad news for Latin America

El kirchnerismo analiza nacionalizar el comercio de granos

Double digit unemployment recorded in Bahamas

Bolivia Exports Decline 32.9% in January From a Year Earlier

Nine-Year-Old’s Abortion Outrages Brazil’s Catholic Church

Reaping the rewards of indolence:
Some of the unreformed aspects of Brazil’s economy are now helping to limit the damage from the world downturn—but its prudence in recent years is helping too

Brazil Said to Be Considering Reducing Primary Surplus. Reaction? Negative

We Recommend Shunning Shares of Ingrid Betancourt. The Revelations of the Three Americans Finally Break an Absurd Code of Silence

Via IBD Blog, Colombia says troops kill guerrilla commander

An article by Marc Gonsalvez: I Was Held Hostage in Colombia, and My Captors Should Face US Justice

An unmended fence: Colombia gained much and suffered little from its raid into Ecuador

The Queen

Fidel not a hands-off political leader

CT Blog: Is Removal of Cuba From “State Sponsors” List Inevitable?

Richard Brown Pérez, Cuban Political Prisoner of the Week, 3/8/09

Como vacas al matadero

Ex-ministers admit “errors”

The other Castro stamps his heel: Two senior figures are dismissed after tasting “the honey of power”

Obama will use spring summit to bring Cuba in from the cold
US companies are queuing up as the president moves to ease restrictions on travel and trade, raising hopes of warmer relations and an end to the embargo

Cuba regime purge may be defensive act

Narcotrafico de las Farc se beneficio en frontera con Ecuador tras ruptura de relaciones

El Salvador
El Salvador’s Presidential Election, March 15th 2009

Via the Baron, EXCLUSIVE: 100,000 foot soldiers in cartels
Numbers rival Mexican army

Make Mexico’s War A Higher Priority

Mexican criminal insurgency comes to Houston

Mexico Finally Rises Near the Top of the Agenda

US Federal agent cautions travelers headed to Mexico

Lech Walesa receives the Legion of Liberty Award – IPEA

Hasta la vista, baby

The Financial Storm Hits Mexico : Their politicians aren’t doing much to staunch the bleeding.

A rare victory in the judicial war in Peru

Las casas ALBA en el Perú

Coast guard rescues 1 man, searches for another, while 11 others rescued in Puerto Rico

No more arepas for you

Government to “intervene” areperas?

Hugo Chavez Calls On Obama To Follow Path of Socialism

Zombie capitalism

Chavez tightens state control of food amid rocketing inflation and food shortages

Venezuela seizes Irish company’s tree farm

Chavez Sets Up Showdown With Mendoza After Seizures

Venezuela May Take Over More Rigs to Allow Drilling to Proceed

Chavez sours Latin American investment climate

Inmates at Venezuelan jail play football with inmate’s severed head

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Chavez and the food supply
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¿Por qué no te callas?, part 2

The Cuban cosmetic change
Brazil’s Lula to visit Obama
Raúl Castro’s House Cleaning

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