Coming soon to a school near you, 37,477 illiterate students

The Hill: Obama prepares schools for migrant kids.

That’s a bit of a stretch; Obama’s playing golf and dancing in Martha’s Vineyard, but,

A total of 37,477 children have been released to an appropriate adult sponsor, usually a parent, relative or family friend, according to the Office of Refugee Resettlement. Those children, who have been settled in all 50 states, would all be eligible to attend public school.

Some of those children may have been schooled in their native countries; none know how to speak, write, or read English.

The onerous burden on all school districts affected is about to start.

But wait! There’s more:
Official: Second illegal immigrant wave of 30,000 coming in September, October

The Obama administration insists that Schools to List Immigrant Kids as ‘Homeless’ for Enrollment Records 

Guidance released Monday by the U.S. Department of Education about the unaccompanied minors also pointed out that unaccompanied minors in the custody of sponsors could be eligible for benefits under the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act.
. . .
The VDOE memo reiterated the requirement that school divisions “must immediately enroll homeless students” and must do so regardless of whether or not they are able “to produce the records required for enrollment.”

Let me ask a question, are the millions of minority American schoolchildren stuck in substandard and failing schools now able to enroll anywhere regardless of whether or not they are able “to produce the records required for enrollment?


One Response to “Coming soon to a school near you, 37,477 illiterate students”

  1. Any Moss Says:

    An open letter to the Dear leader and blame thrower extraordinaire:

    Go for it Obama! Put your grimy fingerprints all over your attempt to destroy America.

    So far you’ve shown yourself to be utterly incompetent in everything you touch, but you’ve always had ready made excuses: It was President Bush’s fault OR Racism OR Global Warming OR obstructionism or whatever was the excuse de jour.

    But now it seems you’re going to make a move so inept and so vast it boggles the mind.

    A move that will be ALL YOU.

    Seems like you want to capitalize on the border invasion crisis YOU created and initiate a virtual coup d’état.

    This would be the granting of amnesty for some newly minted citizens that will vote Democratic National Communist Party in perpetuity…. That is until the moola runs out.

    The predicament here is that you will become the face of the destroyer, your signature achievement will be the death of liberty and the United Steezy of America.

    Oh sure, that was your goal all along but do you really want to be so overt about it?

    Cloward-Piven is a dicey proposition – who’s to say that the people will fall for the scam of Communistic intent causing a crisis and keeping the same slugs in power to solve said crisis?

    But hey, who ever said you thought these things through anyway. You and your ilk have developed a theory and darned if you’re not going to test it on Billions of people.

    You’ve gone and created a crisis flooding illegal invaders into the country and your ‘solution’ it to is to just make it worse – far worse. You want to do something not unlike fixing a leaky dam by blowing it up – no dam, no problem! But instead it’ll be no border, no border crisis.

    Perhaps in your mind this all makes sense – mores the pity.

    But know this comrade, this is going to be all YOU and no one else, say Buh bye to your dog-eared excuses.
    • You will be the responsible for resulting illegal invasion tsunami.
    • You will be the responsible for the deaths of thousands and or perhaps millions from terrorists flooding over the border you threw open at the stroke of a pen.
    The blood of the people killed in terrorist attacks borne of your policies will be all over your hands, this is going to make it difficult to grasp your golf club by the way – just so you know.
    • You will be the responsible for destroying the country you and your comrades hate with a deep seated passion.

    That’ll be fine with you, but do you really want it to be known that YOU DID THIS?