Happy Independence Day!

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2 Responses to “Happy Independence Day!”

  1. dymphna Says:

    The Fourth is becoming a day of mourning for me.

    This is not the country of my childhood; we are on the way to becoming a third-rate totalitarian republic, no different than many of our neighbors to the south, with the disadvantage of remembering when things were different.

    Our southern neighbors have the same yearnings as all human being have. But when I think of them, I wonder if it hurts quite so much if you have no recollections of a long period when things were different.

    Here the boundaries of being secure in the lawful ownership of one’s bought-and-paid for property are fast eroding. The rule of law is becoming whatever a bloated executive and his unaccountable bloated bureaucracies say that rule, or rules, is/are.

    The pursuit of happiness becomes increasingly problematic, possible only if you have the right connections and enough money to buy off the regulators.

    When my generation dies off and our children are the “point men” for this newer nation, re-conceived as a collection of vassals ruled by an elite unaccountable to anyone beyond those who pay them, will those young men and women find our stories to be little but fables lacking credibility?? Probably.

    “…Oh, Dad. Stop with the stories; we’ve heard them a hundred times already. Frankly, old man, what you’re ‘remembering’ are a bunch of fables they told you to shut you up… Here, have your warm milk and get your sleep. Otherwise they’ll come in again and give you another injection to help you rest…”

  2. Fausta Says:

    Don’t mourn yet!