#DDay70 Interpretive dance?

Yesterday was a very busy day, so I missed the TV broadcast of the D-Day commemoration. It came as a total surprise, then, when a friend asked “how did you like the interpretive dance?”

The rest of the conversation went downhill from there:
Me: Say what? Interpretive dance?

Friend: Yes.

Me: You’re pulling my leg.

Friend: Nope.

Me: Like they used to have in churches that were trying to be cool in the 1970s?

Friend: I’m not making this up. They did a very long interpretive dance thing.

Me: We are sooo doomed.

Sure enough:

Obama chewed gum, the Queen frowned, and the MSNBC commentators carefully ignored the dance part.

Where’s Mel Brooks when we need him?

Only the mindset who thinks the EU in its present state is a great thing would find this interpretive dance appropriate.

Gabriel Malor honored the veterans, appropriately,

Blogging on Latin America shall continue shortly.

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