Nestor fever #PoneleNestorATodo: Tympanoctomys Kirchnerorum UPDATED

“Néstor forever. Stay strong, Cristina”

Néstor Kirchner fever hits Argentina:
Leonardo Míndez is keeping track of all the monuments, streets, public buildings and locations named after Néstor. There are almost a hundred, and counting. His hashtag is #PoneleNestorATodo, or #GetNestorOnEverything

Now: we’ve got 92 Nestor Kirchner at Reaching a hundred! #PoneleNestorATodo

There’s even going to be a Néstor Kirchner nuclear power plant after they rename the Atucha II plant. Atucha I is being renamed after Juan Domingo Perón.

Makes you wonder if Atucha I gets to keep the Perón name once Cristina is no longer of this world, but I digress.

Lest you think that Nestor is the new Evita (which, by the way, the day he died graffiti sprang all over Buenos Aires saying “Evita and Nestor, together in heaven”), to the best of my knowledge Evita Perón hasn’t had a rat named after her. Behold, Tympanoctomys Kirchnerorum:

it was dubbed T. kirchnerorum as a tribute to Nestor and Cristina Kirchner for “their efforts in promoting science.”

No irony in that dedication.

Hilarity ensues,

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3 Responses to “Nestor fever #PoneleNestorATodo: Tympanoctomys Kirchnerorum UPDATED”

  1. jlh Says:

    T. kirchnerorum

    It seems to me that I just heard about some microscopic critter being named for Barack Obama. I guess we have gone beyond airports, highways and and 10-cent coins.

  2. Fausta Says:

    The late klansman, Robert Byrd, would be green with envy, jlh!

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