LatAm in top-10 happiest

Gallup wanted to know if you were getting lots of enjoyment, laughing or smiling a lot, feeling well-rested, and being treated with respect, or learned or did something interesting the day before.

Despite Woes, Latin America Tops Happy List
Region Has Nine of the Top 10 Highest Among 138 Countries Surveyed for ‘Positive Emotions’

The region has nine of the top 10 highest among 138 countries surveyed on “positive emotions” in a new survey released on Wednesday by pollster Gallup.

Paraguay tops the world for the third year in a row—with 87% of respondents saying they had experienced a positive emotion the day before, such as laughing or feeling well-rested or being treated with respect. That was followed by Panama, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Ecuador.

That’s fine by me, but here’s one odd one,

Even in Venezuela, where the economy is plagued by shortages and protests against the government have disrupted daily life, 81% of people reported feeling positive.

Maybe going to a demonstration counts as doing “something interesting the day before.”

(In case you wondered, Nagorno-Karabakh is here.)

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