Brazil: 1 stadium, 3 x the cost

The Mané Garrincha stadium is up in Brasilia, at a whopping US$900million, triple the estimated cost:
Soccer Stadium Raises Brazilian Ire
Cost of Building a Stadium in Brasília Has Tripled From its Original Budget, Drawing Allegations of Graft and Mismanagement

Costing 2 billion reais, or about $900 million, the Mané Garrincha National Stadium is the most expensive soccer stadium ever built in Brazil. Projected costs have tripled since construction began in 2010, and a federal auditor has concluded in a series of reports that nearly a quarter of the stadium’s costs are excessive or inflated.

“Price overruns are either a gross error or bad faith,” said Renato Rainha, an audit official who has directed two probes into the stadium.

Local officials dispute those allegations. Federal prosecutors have filed no charges or lawsuits. Authorities responsible for the contracts denied any wrongdoing and said they are cooperating with the auditors.

It seats 71,412, which comes to $12,603/seat.

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