Argentina: Joseph Stiglitz’s conflict of interest

Columbia University economics professor Joseph Stiglitz’s Curious ‘Outside Activities’
The self-styled champion of the poor is not eager to disclose his ties with foreign leaders.

Something similar is happening now with respect to Stiglitz’s involvement with the Kirchner government in Argentina. Stiglitz filed a friend of the court brief on behalf of Argentina’s bid to appeal an American lower court’s ruling that would force it to honor $1.3 billion in bonds on which it defaulted in 2001. Stiglitz did not disclose — nor has he disclosed in his public statements or writings about Argentina, where he has argued that the country had no choice but to default on his debt — that he served as a paid expert for Argentina in a 2012 case before the World Bank’s International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes. Over the years, he has also traveled regularly to Argentina to advise the now-deceased Argentinian president Nestor Kirchner as well as his wife, the country’s current president, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner and delivered several paid lectures there.

That’s not all he’s not disclosing. Read the full article.

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3 Responses to “Argentina: Joseph Stiglitz’s conflict of interest”

  1. The abridged Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean | Fausta's Blog Says:

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  2. Anya Stiglitz Says:

    Point of fact: he has not disclosed it because it is not true. He has not traveled to Argentina to advise the president and he does not and has not received money from her. I love it when journalists (I am one) check their facts. Why not try it sometime?
    Thanks, Anya Stiglitz

  3. Fausta Says:

    According to the following links,
    Mr. Stiglitz traveled in 2012 to Argentina to give a seminar at the Museo del Bicenetnario de la Casa de Gobierno with Cristina Kirchner and her Cabinet, which was televised,

    In 2010 to meet with Mercedes Marcó del Pont, head of the Central Bank, and the Labor Minister

    In 2005 El Premio Nobel de Economía 2001 estuvo en Buenos Aires en una visita organizada por el Gobierno

    If this information is incorrect, I apologize.

    You may want to take up this point with Eliana Johnson, Anya.