Venezuela: American arrested for murder

American Arrested in Venezuela on Murder Charges. The Miami Herald has more: Venezuela accuses U.S. man of arms trafficking, attempted murder

A criminal court in the Venezuelan border state of Táchira on Wednesday ordered the detention of a U.S. citizen pending investigation into allegations of arms trafficking, criminal association and attempted homicide, the Ministry of Information reported.

The ministry said that Todd Michael Leininger, who authorities have described as a 32-year-old from Florida, was detained after allegedly shooting and injuring Jorge Santos Sandoval. Leininger’s Florida hometown was not released.

Authorities said Leininger was detained on Monday and that they recovered five weapons from his home, including two handguns and three rifles. One of the rifles had a telescopic site. Authorities said they also confiscated eight “camouflage” uniforms.

Leininger’s mom, who lives in Miami, asserts her son acted in self-defense when the intruder broke into the house.

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