Ecuador: Rafael Correa at Yale UPDATED

Rafael Correa wants your money. Carlos Eire reports:

He demanded the “hegemonic” industrialized nations pay Ecuador and all other nations with rain forests for the oxygen produced by the trees in those forests. I let out a chuckle. Much to my surprise no one else laughed.

He also demanded that Ecuador be paid for all of the petroleum that he refuses to extract from its soil in order to keep the rain forest pristine. Not drilling for oil costs Ecuador billions of dollars, he complained. Some clapped enthusiastically.

And he demanded that the “hegemonic” industrialized nations pay fines to the non-industrialized nations as recompense for the air pollution caused by their industries and vehicles. More applause.

Even more applause greeted his proposal to abolish intellectual property and patents. No one should charge for what they invent, and perhaps not even for what they manufacture, he argued.

He called these proposals “a new distribution of labor” and railed against the present “world order” as unjust and “immoral.”

Maybe I ought to demand that Ecuador pay me for the oxygen produced by the trees in my yard, and for not fracking on my property, for the sakes of “a new distribution of labor” or something.

The Five questions for President Correa that Dr. Eire was not allowed to ask.

4. Mr. President, it is common knowledge that Ecuador wants to return to international financial markets to borrow money again following its 2008 default. Yet you yourself have publicly attacked bond holders, calling them “true monsters.” Outside institutions tend to think that the rule of law and protection for investors is weak in Ecuador. So what is the case you make for investing in Ecuador today?

You can watch the whole lecture here (the YouTube starts right away) below the fold:

As for Correa’s statement that Assange may face the death penalty in the US, Correa ought to update his information: The Justice Department has all but concluded it will not bring charges against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange for publishing classified documents.

As a side note,
Correa touts the increase in college (higher) education. When I audited an economics of Latin America class at Princeton University taught by one of Lula’s former advisors, the professor’s point was, that, what matters most for the improvement of a developing country’s society, is to improve elementary school teaching. Make of that what you may.

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8 Responses to “Ecuador: Rafael Correa at Yale UPDATED”

  1. jlh Says:

    Reminds me of an old cartoon: beggar sitting on a city street holding a tin cup and wearing a sign; “Will not work for money. Please help.”

  2. Fausta Says:


  3. Old Timer Says:

    The funniest I’ve ever seen was in Las Vegas..His sign read…”Why lie? I want a beer.”

    Correa went to school at the University of Illinois at Urbama-Champaign. Makes me wonder how many of the professors there came from Ivy League Schools…&/or Berkley.

  4. Fausta Says:

    And interestingly, Eire, who has been a professor at Yale for over a decade, didn’t see any familiar faces in the audience, OT.

  5. Henrik Olsson Says:


    Could Carlos Eire care to explain to us non-native English speakers what “The Justice Department has all but concluded it will not bring charges against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange for publishing classified documents” means?

  6. Fausta Says:

    Sari Horwitz of the Washington Post said that, Henrik. It means it’s very unlikely that the Justice Dept. will charge Assange.

  7. Henrik Olsson Says:

    The key is “all but” or what you said “unlikely”. Anyone in his right mind wouldn’t trust Uncle Sam even if those words are replaced by “definitely” or “certainly”… and I believe Correa is in his right mind!

  8. Fausta Says:

    in his right mind!
    Nobody’s saying he’s not.