Cuban endurance sports: Meet world-class windsurfer Henry Vergara Negrin

Last week a twenty four-year old on a windsurfing board pulls onshore and makes a phone call to his dad to ask him to be picked up.

Nothing unusual about that, except perhaps for his needing a ride.

What is really extraordinary is that the young man, Henry Vergara Negrin, had windsurfed for nine hours straight from Cuba, using his GPS. Two other friends each on windsurfing boards, had started with him: one was picked up and returned to Cuba, the third one was found by a fisherman Thursday morning,
[Note: The reporter mistakenly refers to Henry Vergara Negrin as Negrin, when it should be Vergara, or Vergara Negrin]

Key West police reports documented how Henry Vergara Negrin, 24, said he left Jibacoa, Cuba, near Havana at 9 a.m. Tuesday with two companions on separate boards.

Jibacoa is located about 97 miles south of Key West.

About nine and a half hours after leaving Cuba, Negrin arrived ashore at Key West’s luxury Reach Resort.

A hotel spokeswoman told Reuters that hotel guests and a staff member with the hotel helped him to a lounge chair where other staff members took care of him.

Negrin is the reportedly the first Cuban windsurfer to complete the dangerous trip across the Florida Straits in two decades.

According to the account Negrin gave police, he lost sight of his companions four hours into the journey when their sails went down.
He told police he knew them only as Amando, 28, and Dwarta, 23

Vergara Negrin was interviewed by Jaime Bayly, who was suitably impressed by Vergara Negrin’s presence of mind, endurance and fitness. Henry said he didn’t tell anyone, not even his mom, what he was about to do:

Bayly was also surprised to meet a low-key Cuban. Not many of those!

Henry will be celebrating his 25th birthday on March 20th.

Let’s see if the US media fusses about Henry’s accomplishment in fleeing from the island-prison, or if he’ll be in Dancing with the Stars.

On the other hand, Henry – who’s still young enough to sign up as his dad’s dependent under Obamacare (as if he’s anyone’s dependent!) – already has met a criteria for future Secretary of State:

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