Colombia: Santos wets himself UPDATED

The guy who wants to cut a deal with the FARC

VIDEO: Incredible footage shows the moment Colombia’s President WETS HIMSELF during re-election speech

Colombian president has wet spot appear on pants during speech raising questions on health
Juan Manuel Santos, 62, is seen delivering a speech during his re-election campaign Saturday when the mysterious patch appeared. Santos is not publicly known to be suffering from an illness but had prostate cancer in 2012.

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5 Responses to “Colombia: Santos wets himself UPDATED”

  1. Stu Tarlowe Says:

    Si el tenia cancer del prostata, ¿Por que te burlas de el?

  2. Fausta Says:

    Porque cualquiera que desea poner al FARC en el Congreso sin elecciones, se lo merece.

  3. gjgk Says:

    He deserves it. LOL

  4. Stu Tarlowe Says:

    Dispensame, por favor; la politica es un cosa, pero eso parece un golpe bajo. No le deseo el cancer a nadie.

  5. Fausta Says:

    Necesitar practicar tu lectura un poco mas, Stu, porque no entiendes. A nadie le he deseado cáncer.