Venezuela: Today’s roundup

My article at Da Tech Guy’s Blog: Venezuela: “We must become the media”

No Mas Democracia
The arrest of opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez exposes Venezuela’s Potemkin democracy and Hugo Chavez’s poisonous legacy

Making sense of Leopoldo Lopez’s arrest in Venezuela


Venezuela’s Plunging Petroleum Production

Venezuela Verifies Hayek on Exchange Controls

Crickets from White House as Venezuelans Risk All to Throw Out the Chavistas

Venezuelans gather for Lopez hearingLeopoldo Lopez is escorted by the national guard into a vehicle after he turned himself in, during a demonstration in Caracas, on February 18, 2014
Supporters of Venezuelan opposition politician Leopoldo Lopez are demonstrating in Caracas ahead of his scheduled court hearing.

Venezuela tense as opposition leader goes to court

Will Venezuela abandon Chavismo? Not if Cuba gets its way.

Catholic priest beaten Padre José Palmar fue golpeado en Plaza República de Maracaibo

Students tortured Foro Penal Venezolano: Estudiantes detenidos recibieron torturas y violaciones a DDHH

Bolivian legislators denounce Venezuela’s human rights abuses to the OAS.

Humor, in Spanish:

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2 Responses to “Venezuela: Today’s roundup”

  1. Ulrich Zwingli Says:

    Do you think anti-Communist sympathies among Venezuelans will continue after they are victorious?
    Only a fool would go back to communism after what they’re going through but… Communists are fools after all.

  2. The Venezuelan demonstrations Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean | Fausta's Blog Says:

    […] Venezuela: Today’s roundup […]