Venezuela: Street scenes UPDATED


Raw video from Altamira:

NTN24 report (in Spanish):

Venezuelan bloggers:
There are some tweets that illustrate the fascist nature of the Venezuelan regime.

Venezuelan Protest and Violence As Seen From Afar

The day hegemony was unleashed

Tweets: #LaSalida

3 dead, 66 people injured, and 69 arrested as of the time the question was asked, and the State Dept. doesn’t know squat. Too bad the State Dept. spokeswoman didn’t read this blog before heading out for the briefing (emphasis added):

QUESTION: I have a couple of questions on Venezuela.

MS. HARF: Uh-huh.

QUESTION: I’d like to ask if you have any comment about the violent protest that took place yesterday there and the lack of coverage provided by the local TV. And also, this morning the Venezuelan foreign minister in an interview blamed an opposition politician, Leopoldo Lopez, for violence that took place yesterday and said that Lopez and his acolytes have been financed by the U.S. Government for a long time. If you please have a comment on those two points, I would appreciate it.

MS. HARF: Yeah. Well, let me see if I can get some specifics on what’s happened in the last few days. In general, when it comes to Venezuela, we’ve made clear that we’re open to having a constructive relationship with the Government of Venezuela. Quite frankly, we haven’t seen that – we have not seen that reciprocated, to be clear. So we also, I think, see a lot of conspiracy theories or rumors out there in the press about how the U.S. is interested in influencing the domestic political situation in Venezuela, which is absolutely not true. It’s not up to us to comment on internal Venezuelan politics. So I’m happy to check with our team to see if there is more specifics about the protest specifically that I’m not as familiar with, and see if we can get you something on that.

QUESTION: Okay. I would appreciate that because there were 3 dead, 66 people injured, and 69 arrested.

MS. HARF: Yeah. No, it’s a good question. And apologies that I don’t have something in front of me on that, so let me see what I can do.

QUESTION: Okay. Thanks so much.

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