Venezuela: Squatting at the Presidential Mansion

Hugo Chavez’s daughters have not moved out of La Casona (the big house – really), even a year after his death. Carlos Eire has the story of The best damn Venezuelan telenovela ever, starring the Chavez sisters and the ghost of Hugo!

Rosa Virginia, Chávez oldest daughter, is married to the current vice-president, Jorge Arreaza, who also lives at the presidential mansion.

So, to recap: the nominal president of Venezuela is living in the vice-presidential mansion while the nominal vice-president resides in the presidential mansion, along with the daughter of the previous nominal president.

The sisters haven’t been observing a discrete period of quiet mourning,

The two “infantas” [princesses] have been driving their neighbors to the brink of desperation with non-stop raucous parties. According to sources cited by ABC, the “infantas” have also amassed colossal debts with nearly every nearby restaurant, fast food joint, and liquor store, and are now hard-pressed to find any establishment in Caracas that will sell or deliver anything to them.

Concert promoters and talent agencies in Caracas also complain that an entourage of leeches clings to the “infantas” and their mansion, and that the princesses constantly demand at least thirty free passes to every entertainment event in the capital city.

The headline in Spain’s ABC reads, Maduro no logra desalojar a las hijas de Chávez de la residencia presidencial
Se resigna a vivir en la casa reservada al vicepresidente, mientras Rosa Virginia y María Gabriela celebran atronadoras fiestas en La Casona
, which means, [Venezuela's president Nicolás] Maduro can’t evict [Hugo] Chávez’s daughters from the presidential mansion.
He’s resigned himself to living in the vice-president’s house while Rosa Virginia and María Gabriela give raucous parties in La Casona.

What this tells me is that Maduro is a figurehead, and someone else is boss.

Someone on the girls’ side.

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How the other half lives,

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One Response to “Venezuela: Squatting at the Presidential Mansion”

  1. Old Timer Says:

    This reminds me of an article I read some time ago. Daniel Ortega’s sons were living the high life in San Jose, Costa Rica. They were driving very expensive sports car with diplomatic license plates. They have a sense of entitlement. Also, Ortega’s brother was the ambassador. Nicaragua owns a house for the ambassador but it wasn’t good enough for him so he rented a nicer one….and not at his expense.