Venezuela: Shooting in the streets

Please read the Feb. 21st post for updated information

Caracas Chronicles has harrowing videos of last night’s events:

TODAY’s MUST-READ: 19F – The Night Venezuela Finally Imploded

It gets worse. In this video, you can see the National Guard murdering a civilian in La Candelaria (at 1:52)

Sliding to Venezuelan hell

this video from reader KM in Altamira as stormtroopers drive by shooting all around!!!

From the Caracas Chronicles comments:

Venezuela’s president has shout douwn TV news.
Internet is the only hope for Venezuelans.
We are the media now. PLEASE SHARE. We can do something by sharing this with the world!!

Twitter: JGpunto

News media:
Prosecutors want up to 10 years in prison for Leopoldo López

The Venezuelan opposition leader was charged with the crimes of arson and damages, solicitation to crime and conspiracy. The latter is the most serious one and it is designated in the Organic Law against Organized Crime and Funding of Terrorism, punished by imprisonment for 10 years

The US & Canada bring up Venezuela at the OAS: EEUU y Canadá llevan a OEA caso de Venezuela

Fourth Venezuela Opposition Protester Dies as Demonstrations Continue
At Least Five People, Including a Government Supporter, Have Died Since Demonstrations Turned Violent Last Week

Álvaro Uribe accuses Maduro’s government of “fueling violence”
Uribe called upon the democratic world to require the release “at the earliest possible” of opposition leader Leopoldo López who turned himself into Venezuelan authorities during a demonstration in Caracas

Exclusive: Read the Speech Venezuelan Opposition Leader Leopoldo López Made Before He Was Jailed

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7 Responses to “Venezuela: Shooting in the streets”

  1. Venezueala Report – That must be taken with great caution | Extrano's Alley, a gun blog Says:

    [...] Again, I have no information other that that presented here, and like the rest of the red rags the “Gotham Gazette” has strongly supported the Castro-Chavez-Maduro regime.If the invaluable “Fausta’s Blog report of shooting in city streets, I would ignore the Gazette entirely [...]

  2. lord garth Says:

    Sean Penn
    Harry Belafonte
    Danny Glover
    Kevin Spacey
    Naomi Campbell
    Cornel West
    Oliver Stone

    you have blood on your hands

  3. "I’ve seen the future, brother…and it is murder." - TeeJaw Blog Says:

    [...] The future is happening right now in Venezuela where the Maduro’s National Guard are shooting protestors in the street. [...]

  4. UKRAINE UPDATE | ConMom Says:

    [...] The President has addressed the Ukraine, but not Venezuela… [...]

  5. David R. Graham Says:

    lord garth, you left out Billie Ayers,a Chavez personal guest and education specialist.

  6. MassJim Says:

    Lord Garth left out Joe (Call Joe for oil) Kennedy.

  7. News Links for Wednesday | Shall Not Be Questioned Says:

    [...] in the gun control movement believe you have an obligation to obey. You need to sit back and take whatever your government dishes out. Comply [...]