Venezuela: Now reporting

Tanks: Armored carriers spread across Venezuela
Twitter users reported that a group of armored carriers and water cannons of the Bolivarian National Guard deployed in some places of the capital city

Risk: Venezuela has the highest country risk in the world
Plummeting reserves is among the alarm signals

Water cannon:

The major networks and news services are finally reporting on Venezuela, while last week they ignored the demonstrations.
WSJ: Venezuelan Protests Leave Three Dead
At least three people were killed by gunfire and an additional two dozen were injured during protests called by opponents of President Nicolás Maduro.

Bloomberg: Venezuela’s Maduro Bans Street Protests After Three Died
Reuters: Venezuelan Rivals Trade Blame Over Protest Killing at Least 3 People
BBC: Venezuela student protest ends in deadly violence
Miami Herald: Student protests in Venezuela turn violent amid growing discontent
CSM: Venezuelan student protesters tweet #LaSalida to call for president’s exit
Among Venezuelans taking to the streets are student protesters who, in the past, have proven to be a powerful political force. Using Twitter as well as street demonstrations, the students offer a boost to a weak and disjointed opposition.

France24: Venezuela’s anti-government protests turn deadly
Al-Jazeera: Venezuela anti-government rally turns deadly
At least four killed, including a police officer, as thousands gather in capital to demand president’s resignation.

Last night in Chacao,

An arrest warrant has been issued for opposition leader Leopoldo López

Unless a sizable fraction of the military actively backs the opposition, I expect a new era of repression in Venezuela, so I’m not optimistic.

A psychic predicts an internal coup.

The Venezuelan government is censoring news in-country, but you can watch online Spanish-language stations Dtvoficial and NTN24 livestreaming.

Here in NJ we have a blizzard, so I don’t know if we’ll lose power. I’ll be updating this post as long as I am able to.

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  3. buzz Says:

    rampant inflation. armed bandits running the streets. running out of basic supplies daily . eletricity rationed. . this is what happens when socialism runs out of money. they have devalued there currency over 30 pct the past month. argentina is next up in this mess. the u s and the world are in for a rude awakening. this is what happens when central banks try to print there way out of a mess