Venezuela: #24F Barricading the country

The opposition strategy today is to barricade every street and road in the country, on Twitter #24FGranBarricadaNacional (#24FGreatNationalBarricade), video in Spanish:

The video advises the resistance to stay united. I didn’t have time to translate with subtitles, but here are a few highlights:

  • Do not confront – wait until they leave, and close up the streets again
  • (1:47) There’ll be no transport, banking, or commerce
  • (2:29) Care for your life
  • (2:35) Don’t get closer than 50 meters
  • (2:39) Don’t go far from home
  • (3:10) Venezuela (3:12) will shake off (3:20) its tyrant!
  • (3:46) From the poster “in every road, in every town, form your own group of five and close a point”, in red: “YOU ARE THE LEADER!”

Brigadier General Ángel Vivas has issued an appeal on YouTube to the Venezuelan military to fight against the dictatorship, and now the government is after him.

Vivas opened and ended his YouTube with, “I am Ángel Vivas, General of the Venezuelan Army, the old Army, the one that threw out Fidel Castro from Venezuela in the 1960s.” As Mary O’Grady points out, Cuba is worried about losing 100,000 barrels of oil per day if its man in Caracas falls.

Caracas Gringo writes about Vivas, One Man Against Tyranny

Maduro’s Sebin, DIM and National Guard goons tried to arrest General Vivas today (Sunday) at his residence. But General Vivas declined to surrender. Instead, General Vivas and his family have now barricaded inside their home.

General Vivas also took up his assault rifle and sidearm, donned his bulletproof vest, climbed out on his roof with all weapons hot and declared to Maduro and goons:

“(You) can have my body but you won’t have General Angel Vivas. I will remain calmly where I have always been, In Venezuela, in my home, with my wife and my daughters, beside whom I want to live and die. The Cuban pro-consul in Venezuela, complying with orders by Fidel Castro, has ordered my detention and then they intend to kill me. I will not surrender. I will not surrender to Fidel Castro and I recommend everyone do the same.”

Perhaps Maduro’s goons would have stormed the general Vivas home, or else a sniper might have shot him from a distance, but a standoff ensued when defiant officer’s neighbors poured into the street with their smartphones to oppose the regime’s heavily armed goons. Maduro’s goons finally appeared to withdraw – for now.

Update: Vivas requests that the opposition allow his lawyer to reach his home,

I’ll post updates today as time allows.

Diosdado Cabello, and not Nicolas Maduro, has the power in Venezuela

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