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Please read these two additions to today’s roundup:
An eyewitness account of yesterday’s rally, Day of protest #15,
and an appraisal and forecast from the always excellent Diplomad, Venezuela: Slow Motion Coup Engenders Slow Motion Implosion

The now undeniable crisis in Venezuela–Maduro can spin it however he wants, nobody is buying his story anymore–is immensely serious and will have ramifications throughout the region. We are going to see the start of the disintegration of the ALBA network, an alliance of countries bought off by Venezuela’s money and Chavez’s undeniable leadership skills, and major social upheavals in those countries as the madness of leftist economics finds that it can deny economic realities only for so long. We are seeing the development of an “arc of instability” in the region that will seriously affect much of the Caribbean, including Cuba, as well as Nicaragua, Ecuador, Bolivia, and Brazil, and will have lesser but not negligible effects on Paraguay and Peru. Those countries such as Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, and Chile which kept their minds and eyes clear, and their economic policies sensible and adult will be much less affected and, in fact, will provide the economic hope for the region.

Read both in full.

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