Brazil: Not quite ready for World Cup prime time

Hotels not built, airports not expanded:

The games were meant to showcase Brazil’s arrival on the world stage as a modern powerhouse after a decade of expansion that established a strong middle class. Instead, Brazil has come under criticism from FIFA, soccer’s world governing body, for delays in readying its stadiums, and the country is struggling to provide enough hotel beds.

The hotels Brazil needs for the World Cup never got built

New Brazil World Cup Woe: Transport
Among the worries piling up over Brazil’s preparations for the World Cup soccer tournament in June is a new one: air transportation.

As you can see from the list, the venues are thousands of miles apart; Manaus is 2,700+ miles from Rio.

An estimated 600,000 World Cup fans, twelve cities, a cumbersome bureaucracy, a slow-moving judiciary and a lack of imaginative planning. What a mess.

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2 Responses to “Brazil: Not quite ready for World Cup prime time”

  1. The Groundhog Day / Superbowl weekend Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean | Fausta's Blog Says:

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  2. Gringa Brazilien Says:

    It’s worth pointing out that Brazil already hosts the greatest show on Earth, the Carnival, which attracts about 500k visitors each year>
    7 out 12 stadiums are already ready to use>
    Granted, traveling around Brazil is a challenge, even for most ‘Brasileiros’, as we’re not talking about a country, but a giant of a Continent!, but the fact that the competition is spread out, can only mean that all cities will cope.
    Lastly, I add, that having lived in BR for over 20 years, I have no doubt that the charm of its people and amazing locations will more than make-up for any shortcomings.
    and as they say: “While the dogs bark, the caravan rides on”