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Just what the Venezuelans need: Jimmy Carter!

Friday, February 28th, 2014

As if the country wasn’t hapless enough already, Jimmy Carter’s on his way: Former President Plans on Visiting Country Amid Riots

Daniel Duquenal posts his Open letter to Jimmy Carter: Don’t you have any shame?

I can assure you that half of the country has no respect nor credibility for you and the other half thinks you are a mere fool that they can use and discard as needed.

Go read it all.

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#SOSVenezuela: Hugo loses his head in Táchira

Friday, February 28th, 2014

Details at Gateway Pundit.

In other headlines,
Venezuelan Protests Mark Start of Six-Day Holiday

Venezuela Will Not Accept International Mediation – FM Jaua

Venezuela prosecutor: 5 more from domestic spy agency arrested in deaths of 2 at protests

Rubio’s speech on Cuba and Venezuela

Thursday, February 27th, 2014

Let me tell you what the Cubans are really good at, because they don’t know how to run their economy, they don’t know how to build, they don’t know how to govern a people. What they are really good at is repression. What they are really good at is shutting off information to the Internet and to radio and television and social media. That’s what they’re really good at. And they’re not just good at it domestically, they’re good exporters of these things. And you want to see exhibit A, B, C and D? I’m going to show them to you right now. They have exported repression in real-time, in our hemisphere, right now.”
Marco Rubio

I posted the YouTube here, but this is worth reading in full while listening:

Full text below the fold:

Argentina: The more things change . . .

Thursday, February 27th, 2014

NYT op-ed by Roger Cohen: Cry for Me, Argentina

Argentina, however, is a perverse case of its own. It is a nation still drugged by that quixotic political concoction called Peronism; engaged in all-out war on reliable economic data; tinkering with its multilevel exchange rate; shut out from global capital markets; trampling on property rights when it wishes; obsessed with a lost little war in the Falklands (Malvinas) more than three decades ago; and persuaded that the cause of all this failure lies with speculative powers seeking to force a proud nation — in the words of its leader — “to eat soup again, but this time with a fork.”

A beautiful country, ruined.

Venezuela: “Don’t you get weary!”

Wednesday, February 26th, 2014

Tonight at 8PM EST in Silvio Canto’s podcast, we’ll talk to Victor Triay, author PLUS US-Latin America this week, including my article, Venezuela: “Don’t you get weary!”

Photographs from Venezuela, as women silently march Wednesday in Caracas

VIDEO Ted Cruz: To Save Venezuela, Sanction Iran and Starve the Castros

Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua: Russia to add military bases overseas UPDATED

Wednesday, February 26th, 2014

Last November Secretary of State John Kerry declared the Monroe Doctrine dead; Putin was listening:

Russia Seeks Several Military Bases Abroad – Defense Minister (emphasis added)

Russia is planning to expand its permanent military presence outside its borders by placing military bases in a number of foreign countries, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said Wednesday.

Shoigu said the list includes Vietnam, Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, the Seychelles, Singapore and several other countries.

“The talks are under way, and we are close to signing the relevant documents,” Shoigu told reporters in Moscow.

The minister added that the negotiations cover not only military bases but also visits to ports in such countries on favorable conditions as well as the opening of refueling sites for Russian strategic bombers on patrol.

Earlier this week, US Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel announced plans to shrink army to pre-World War II levels. His timing could not have been more perfect.

UPDATE, Thursday Feb. 27, 2014, via Kermit:
Russian spy ship docked in Havana

There you have it:

The Optimistic Conservative:

The timing of SSV-175’s patrol is presumably no coincidence. We don’t know exactly when she left her Northern Fleet home port on the Barents Sea, but since she was in Curacao on the 30th, we do know it was at least before 10 January (and probably before that. At an overall speed of 12 knots, the ship would have needed to leave the Barents around 2 or 3 January). It’s unlikely that the AGI is in Central America just for the excitement of popular unrest in Venezuela, however. The more interesting event could well be the deployment of the Iranian navy task force.

John Kerry was on TV just now saying “This is not Rocky IV.” No, it’s not: this is real.

Venezuela, en español: Entrevista con Gen. Ángel Vivas

Wednesday, February 26th, 2014

Fernando del Rincón de CNNEE entrevistó al General Ángel Vivas,

El exgeneral Ángel Vivas, que tiene una orden de captura en su contra por incitar la violencia, le dijo a Fernando del Rincón que “debemos rescatar la república democrática” libre de los poderes extranjeros que buscan “dirigir el destino de los venezolanos”.

“Los cubanos están en todas las estructuras del Estado venezolano”, dijo.

Más en el enlace.

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En español: Terapia intensiva

Tuesday, February 25th, 2014

de @DrNetas,

Venezuela: Tweeting the barricades #SOSVenezuela

Tuesday, February 25th, 2014

Finally, a CNN reporter on the job,

Since when does the National Guard wear white sneakers?

A woman was brutally beaten by female operative of the People’s Guard in Valencia” The perpetrator was later identified as Josneidy Castillo.

Marco Rubio’s speech on Cuba and Venezuela,

SOS Venezuela video:

El Carabobeño daily’s Flickr photos of the National Guard attacking civilians.

Alex Beech explains media indifference to Venezuela on her Facebook page.

Caracas Gringo: Maduro Must Resign Now! translates the following video,

Monica Showalter‘s Facebook page: Cuban troops instructing Venezuelan goons how to build barricades. Venezuela’s freedom fighters are up against the muscle of Castro

Also via Monica, an article from 2005, Hugo Chávez Enlists a Kennedy for Anti-U.S. Campaign

WSJ: Venezuela’s Maduro Faces Internal Criticism
Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro encountered the first criticism from within his ruling coalition when a state governor criticized the government’s crackdown on a growing student movement.

Devil’s Excrement:
Tachira Governor Distances Himself From Venezuelan Government and A Confusing Day: Confession, Repression And Backtracking In Venezuela

I don’t know, but when two such dissimilar political figures act the same way, something is afoot. Some crack in the facade is showing. Some weakness is being perceived and they both want to take advantage of it.


Caracas Chronicle: The Full Scale of What’s Happening in San Cristóbal Isn’t Getting Through Because of the Media Blackout

NYT slideshow

Victoria Henderson writing at PanAm Post, Chavismo Apologists: The Long Arm of the “Official” Story
Canadian Media Extends Olive Branch to Venezuelan Regime

There’s a women’s protest scheduled for tomorrow. There’s also an initiative to cancel the upcoming Carnival festivities,

Special thanks to my former classmate Doris for her Facebook posts.

Mexico: How Chapo was nabbed

Tuesday, February 25th, 2014

Alfredo Corchado, Mexico Bureau Chief for the Dallas Daily News, and one of the foremost experts in the subject, relates how Mexico nabs top drug kingpin in operation with U.S. without firing a shot. Also important is the timeline,

TIMELINE: Detentions and killings of reputed Mexican drug kingpins

Top Mexican drug cartel captures or killings in recent years:

SATURDAY: Authorities said Mexican and U.S. officials captured the world’s most powerful drug lord, Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán, in the beach resort of Mazatlán.

JULY 15, 2013: Authorities in northern Mexico captured Miguel Ángel Treviño Morales, alias “40,” leader of the brutal Zetas cartel.

OCT. 7, 2012: Mexican marines killed Heriberto Lazcano Lazcano, alias “El Lazca,” a founder and top leader of the Zetas. His body was later stolen from a funeral home. Treviño Morales took over the Zetas.

OCT. 6, 2012: Mexican marines arrested alleged Zetas regional leader Salvador Alfonso Martínez Escobedo, who was suspected of involvement in massacres and the killing of U.S. citizen David Hartley in 2010 on Falcon Lake, which straddles the U.S.-Mexico border.

SEPT. 12, 2012: Mexican marines captured purported top Gulf cartel leader Jorge Eduardo Costilla Sánchez, alias “El Coss.” U.S. authorities had offered a $5 million reward for his arrest.

DEC. 9, 2010: Mexican federal police killed Nazario Moreno González, leader of La Familia Michoacana cartel, during a gunfight in the village of El Alcalde. His body was never recovered, and rumors have persisted that Moreno, known as “the Craziest One,” is still alive.

JULY 29, 2010: Mexican army troops raided a house in the town of Zapopán and killed Ignacio “Nacho” Coronel, one of the top leaders of the Sinaloa cartel.

DEC. 16, 2009: Mexican marines killed Arturo Beltrán Leyva, leader of the Beltrán Leyva cartel, in a shootout in Cuernavaca.

Read the whole article, buy Corchado’s book.

Will El Chapo Rule From Prison?