The question the media should be asking about Menendez

Capital Hill Cubans points out,

the State and Justice Departments have already denied Correa’s extradition request of the Isaias brothers on six occasions starting in 2004.


The State and Justice Departments officially denied Correa’s extradition requests of the Isaias brothers in 2004, 2009, three times in 2010, and most recently in June 2013.

In each of these denials, the State and Justice Departments noted how Ecuador’s allegations against the Isaias brothers do not meet the minimum legally-required standard of “probable cause” to even merit consideration of extradition.

Moreover, that Ecuador has not provided any evidence whatsoever against the Isaias brothers for the accusations that the New York television station takes at face-value.

Finally, Menendez is not the only Member of Congress that has expressed concern about the fate of the Isaias brothers.

There have been nearly a dozen other Members of Congress who have similarly (and rightfully) expressed concern.

And asks,

So why is Menendez being singled-out and targeted?

Isn’t it curious that all of these smears against Menendez began when it first appeared that he would take the helm of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee?

So who is afraid of Bob Menendez?

Perhaps that’s a question the media should begin asking.

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2 Responses to “The question the media should be asking about Menendez”

  1. jlh Says:

    I have been assuming that Menendez was a convenient target for people on the Right who are practicing a little revenge for the folks on the Right who have been smeared. What you are saying–and it seems to explain the media willingness to be interested–is that this, like so much thuggish propaganda, is directed from the Left???

  2. Fausta Says:

    What I’m asking is, who gains from removing Menendez as chairman of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, jlh, and it’s not the people on the Right.