Panama: North Korea to pay fine for the rust bucket

Remember the Chong Chon Gang? The North Korean ship loaded with Cuban armaments (including MiG fighter jets, anti-aircraft systems and explosives) that the Canal authority intercepted last July?

Well, the latest is that the $1million fine was bargained down to a devilish amount which better suits the evil Communist regime.

That fine has now been reduced by a third to $666,666, and the North Korean government has pledged to pay it next week, Panama’s Foreign Ministry said in a statement Thursday.
Panamanian Foreign Minister Fernando Nunez Fabrega said 32 of the ship’s 35 detained crew members would also be allowed to leave the country.

Hopefully it won’t be paid in counterfeit money.

No word as to what happens to the weaponry.

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One Response to “Panama: North Korea to pay fine for the rust bucket”

  1. Old Timer Says:

    I read Panama kept the brown sugar and made ethanol out of it.