Mexico: “Shame and Name”, Blacklisting for taxes

Coming soon to the USA?

Mexico’s Tax Black Lists Prove Controversial
Mexico’s new practice of publishing lists of people and firms that it says have ongoing tax problems is being called faulty and unfair by some

The first black list, posted in early January on the website of the Tax Administration Service, or SAT, named about 89,000 people and firms for a variety of alleged violations or debts, and included TV stars, a major soccer team, and the Roman Catholic diocese in Acapulco.

On Friday, the SAT published another list of 163 companies or people who allegedly issued false invoices for tax purposes, or who weren’t found at their tax addresses.

You can get blacklisted if the tax collector says you’re “unlocatable.”

The article does not state whether there’s an appeal process.

Here in the USA, The IRS Scandal, Day 248. If you don’t think the IRS scandal matters, you may have already bought a bridge.

And, an appeal: Dear Uncle Sam: Don’t Accept the World’s Bad Ideas
The pet food tax? The meat-pasty levy? The gigantic tax on big earners? Beware dumb concepts from abroad, says Joe Queenan.


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