Italy: Latin American thieves pick the wrong town to hide

Italian police caught the gang behind the 2012 Buccellati heist (emphasis added):
Gang of Latin American jewelry thieves busted in Italy
‘Behind 2mn-euro Milan heist, others throughout Europe’

Police from Novara, west of Milan, were executing warrants for suspects from Colombia, Venezuela, Guatemala, Ecuador, Peru, Costa Rica and Mexico.

A 53-year-old Venezuelan woman is said to be the head of the gang. She is still on the loose.

I can’t imagine why would any foreigners think Novara is a good place to hide. I lived in Novara briefly years ago, and, unless the town has drastically changed since, it was a small industrial town, rarely visited by tourists, where almost no one would speak anything but Italian, unwelcoming to strangers, and where any foreigner would stick out (quite literally, since I was taller than nearly any of the locals) like a sore – and alien – thumb.

H/t Gates of Vienna.

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