Cuba: What a “prosperous and sustainable socialism” looks like UPDATED

Communists are very fond of slogans, and Cuba’s regime is no exception,

United towards a prosperous and sustainable socialism

Which actually looks like this:

More photos here (h/t Babalu)

Just a Street in Cuba, January, 2014


5 Responses to “Cuba: What a “prosperous and sustainable socialism” looks like UPDATED”

  1. daniel duquenal (@danielduquenal) Says:

    looks like is also banned in venezuela. cannot open it. can someone verufy?

  2. OMMAG Says:

    Should juxtapose with some shots of Detroit or Chicago.

  3. Ozzie Alfonso Says:

    Check out a similar blog on my recent trip to my homeland after 58 years. One picture, few words.

  4. Fausta Says:

    Linked to it in the post, Ozzie

  5. Cuba: Success through ruination | Fausta's Blog Says:

    [...] contemplated the endless decay of the entire city of Havana, One of the most magnificent of its many magnificent streets is known [...]