Cuba: The new car

For the first time since the 1959 revolution, Cubans will have the right to buy new and used vehicles from the state without government permission, at a price:

Which means Cubans Now Allowed to Buy $263,182 Peugeots.

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4 Responses to “Cuba: The new car”

  1. Kermit Says:

    Closest English speaking country that I could find Peugeot in was the UK and the prices in Cuba are 10X that in the UK for the same vehicle.

  2. Kermit Says:

    Oops, need to recalculate but the prices are still marked up quite a bit.
    Not quite 10X markup but well over 5X markup.

  3. jlh Says:

    Well, now we know how to get the government loans back.

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