Cuba: CELAC, the hypocrisy summit

The Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (Comunidad de Estados Latinoamericanos y Caribeños, a.k.a. CELAC) is meeting in the island prison, richly earning the title of The hypocrisy summit:

In the shadows, meanwhile, the police-state goons, who represent the real Cuba, will be busy rounding up the usual suspects — those who clamor for genuine freedom and detest the oppression that prevails in the country of Jose Martí’s birth.

This is the customary script for events in Cuba that draw international media attention, as with papal visits. The government is so keen to create the impression that everyone lives happily under a benevolent Castro dictatorship that it takes extra measures to ensure that neither official visitors nor the press witness signs of dissent.

Dilma, Evo, and Cristina are in attendance as the Cuban Regime “Cleans up” Opposition for CELAC Summit. Cristina met with Fidel and his wee wifey,

Just in case, Dilma is saying that Argentina has not asked for help in the devaluation crisis (link in Portuguese). Not that any would be coming from her.

It’s basically a hatefest against the USA, with the blessing of the OAS’s Insulza, who so far has not met with the Ladies in White, and also of U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, who came up with a real doozy,

“Since [violence against women] is rooted in discrimination, impunity and complacency, we need to change attitudes and behavior – and we need to change laws and make sure they are enforced just like you are doing in Cuba.”

“Just like you are doing in Cuba”:

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