Chile: Somebody didn’t read the instructions for the #CauCau bridge

A slight drawback! Chile’s first drawbridge delayed after engineers realise at least one traffic deck has been fitted upside-down
Chilean President Sebastián Piñera blames Spanish developers for mistake
Bridge connecting Valdivia with Teja Island was set to open this month
Gaffe becomes a laughing stock among Chileans using social media
(emphasis added)

The mistake emerged when inspectors getting ready for opening day found that either one or two of the traffic decks were installed backwards, authorities said.

Azvi, the Spanish infrastructure company behind the bridge development, did not immediately comment. A new opening date has not been announced.

#CauCau Tweets followed:

‘And don’t miss the road sign the “excellent” were going to put up by the bridge exit:

‘Leak of the blueprints for the Cau Cau bridge in Valdivia.’

‘One of the first tenders won by the goofs that made the bridge in Valdivia.’

‘Exclusive: We visit the home of the architect who designed the bridge’

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