The most corrupt countries in the world

In our hemisphere, Haiti and Venezuela are in the bottom 20 most corrupt, while Canada, Barbados, the USA and Uruguay are in the top 20 least corrupt, with the Bahamas, Chile and Saint Lucia in the top 25,

h/t Business Insider

Contrary to the Pope’s expectations, the least corrupt overlap the Index of Economic Freedom. Economic freedom goes hand in hand with less corruption.

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The Catholic Church, unfortunately, has been a fellow traveler in the global movement to regulate individual success, opportunity, and freedom out of existence for the great majority of mankind, through authoritarian control exerted under the wafer-thin guise of promoting “equality.”

And while we’re at it, you can replace the word “Africa” with “Latin America” in Paul Theroux’s essay,

Africa has the schools, the money and the resources to fix its own problems; it’s appalling to think of donors telling them otherwise, of the whole continent terminally indebted and living on handouts.

and you’ll be right.

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