Pope Francis, the glass is more than half-full.

Granted, the glass is more than half-empty in Argentina, but in general terms, the Pope is wrong:

Is the Pope Right About the World?
We’re living at a far more equal, peaceful, and prosperous time than the pontiff acknowledges.

On inequality,

Paradoxically, the shrinking of the global inequality gap was only possible after India and China abandoned their attempts to create equality through central planning. By allowing people to keep more of the money they earned, the Chinese and Indian governments incentivized people to create more wealth. Allowing inequality to increase at home, in other words, diminished inequality globally. And global inequality, surely, is the statistic that should most concern the leader of a global religion.

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Pope Francis is also wrong on Islam.

I stand by my word: free markets, property rights, and the rule of law are the engines that improve all of mankind.


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