Cuba: Handshake between Obama and Raul came after six months of talks

While Alan Gross rots in jail, Human Rights Day was a day of terror, and 130 Ladies in White were arrested throughout the island,
Tuesday’s handshake between Obama and Castro comes after six months of quiet diplomacy between the United States and Cuba—and Castro signaling he’s ready for bigger talks.

“There has been a string of emissaries, both private citizens and Latin American leaders, who have begun to nudge Obama forward on engaging in talks with Cuba and also carrying a message from Castro that he’s willing to talk,” said Steve Clemons, a senior fellow at the New America Foundation who has exceptionally close ties to the Obama White House and accompanied Vice President Biden on his recent tour of East Asia.

The bowing alone ought to have scored big with Raul, but for this,

Obama’s bounding up the steps was done so midget Raul wouldn’t get lost in the crowd, then.

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