Venezuela: Swarm loots a truck after an accident

The sad state of affairs in Venezuela:
A truck carrying meat got stuck under a bridge, and it was immediately swarmed and looted by people who actually climbed over the injured driver, who later died.

Daniel Duqenal comments about The society Chavez has left us: barbarians inside the gate

At 9 AM about 300 bikers arrived and tried to overpower the police security people who had to call for reinforcement. Of course, the idea was to loot the truck…

The disaster blocked the whole city all the way until downtown (photo included in the link)

So there you have it, 14 years of Chavez socialism and we are left with a large group of people who think that they can grab whatever they want, at any price, shocked, SHOCKED when actually some authority tries to explain to them that no, they cannot do so. Note: the society of motorbikes is a creation of chavismo who has subsidized them heavily in the early years because they were their storm troopers to quickly go around town to crush any anti Chavez protest. Remember Lina Ron? Now they are out of control, a threat to regime itself. One shudders at the idea that suddenly 300 bikes could appear in a neighborhood and start looting while the cops look helpless. Because they are armed, you know, the bikers, better than the cops probably.

The problems we face to rebuild Venezuela are much, much worse than a matter to find money for reconstruction, putting finance in orders, supporting business to produce and hire people. We have become a society of looters, robbers, abusers, drug traffickers, and what not, to a degree of cruelty and violence that leads us to prison riots where the hearts of the victims are pulled out of their chests.  Viva Chavez, carajo!

The looting was open and went on for a long time,

Daniel further comments,

But what that video illustrates quite well is the plague that motorbikers have become in Venezuela, the huge numbers they are and their ruthless contempt at blocking traffic and reckless driving. Chavez is the man that has allowed the rise of that cast of violent folks. True, they may be, for all that I know, a minority inside the motorbiker “community”. Chavez made motorbikes easily available for his supporters, and with the ridiculous price of gas they had no problem in learning to use their bikes all the time. Chavez wanted that because he wanted a form of storm troopers ready to mobilize on short notice across Caracas, to launch counter protests wherever needed, the threaten whomever was necessary with a “spontaneous” protest of chavismo own. Soon, they were even allowed without helmets in the highways, a place they were banned from until Chavez.

The result was to be expected. After a decade of driving recklessly, of scratching and banging the cars stuck in traffic as they sneak through it, these storm troopers are realizing that they can mobilize themselves by the hundreds, attack whatever they want to attack, and push back the authorities. They are on the loose on Caracas, a violent mob like gang.

I have several friends mention that the trucks were frequently looted in Venezuela. But this is monstrous.

In other Venezuela news, Maduro expelled three American diplomats for meeting with the opposition.

Because you can never be tough enough on crime.

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