Mexico: El Bloombito lobbies against sugary sodas

Not busy enough with New York’s problems, Michael Bloomberg is expanding his nanny empire to Mexico in Another Soda-Tax Squabble
Bloomberg Takes Center Stage in Debate in Mexico

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has taken center stage in a heated debate in Mexico over whether to slap a special tax on sugary soft-drinks to help the country curb growing epidemics of obesity and diabetes.

Having been tripped up in his efforts to get New Yorkers to cut back on soda, Mr. Bloomberg has brought his campaign south of the border, where he has backed a government proposal to tax sugary drinks in a country that is a huge market for Coca-Cola Co. and other soft drink companies.

as if Mexicans didn’t have enough on their plates:

Bloomberg Philanthropies, the umbrella organization for Mr. Bloomberg’s charitable activities, has donated $10 million over the past two years toward combating obesity in Mexico under a three-year program. The organization’s website lists “raising taxes on sugar-sweetened beverages” as one way to combat obesity in Mexico.

One of Bloomberg’s beneficiaries, a group called El Poder del Consumidor, is a leading supporter of the soda tax.

Back in the 1970s Communist comic book Los Agachados hated Coca Cola. Maybe they’ll dedicate a special issue to the meddling American millionaire.


One Response to “Mexico: El Bloombito lobbies against sugary sodas”

  1. jlh Says:

    I like the conflation of Bloomberg and Marie Antoinette, who also had her finger on the pulse o f the people.

    Maybe he should turn his attention inward, to cranial obesity–and stop being a fathead.