Is Brazil ready for the World Cup?

Mounting Chaos in Rio Sparks Worries Over World Cup
As Rio gears up for next year’s FIFA World Cup and the 2016 Olympic Games, the summer uprising shows no signs of slowing the city, as reflected by vandalized storefronts and burned vehicles.
Money quote:

“The hope brought by the World Cup and the Olympics has run out,” said Doriam Borges, a researcher at the University of the State of Rio’s Laboratory of Violence Analysis. Citizens realized that “for projects related to the World Cup and the Olympics, investment was huge, but not for health and education.”

And let’s keep in mind that both projects were sold as not needing government financing.

Then there’s the anarchists by any other name,

And protest marches are now attracting smaller groups of anarchists and so-called black bloc anticapitalist demonstrators clad in black hoodies and masks.

Rio’s black bloc organizers couldn’t be reached to comment. On their Facebook page, which has nearly 63,000 followers, the group quotes Italian anarchist Pietro Gori and say they see property destruction as part of their fight against capitalism.

And let’s not forget the PCC, too.

So, to answer the question above, no, not ready yet.

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2 Responses to “Is Brazil ready for the World Cup?”

  1. Pat Patterson Says:

    Usually the panjumdrums of FIFA or the IOC would ratherplace their championships in countries where the leaders can brag that the trains run on time and have a one to one ratio of police to citizens. The only assumption I can make is that FIFA got so many reals from Brazil that short of a full scale war the games will go on.

  2. Marcos Says:

    Fausta, most of these groups which are pass as protesters are controlled and financed by the government and their marxist allies. Dilma´s minister Gilberto Carvalho is the man in the government who directs them.
    They have three main functions:

    1) by creating chaos and confusion, they replaced the peaceful real protestors who went to the streets in July against the government. A responsible citizen now is afraid of protesting and end getting in the middle of a violent mob.

    2) groups infiltrated and led by unions and marxist political party members protest only against the police and in the states of Rio and Sao Paulo, where the Workers Party wants to win the election next November. They want chaos and fear so they can blame the whole situation on the governors, who are opposition. The governors know that if they let the police do their job, the leftist press will crucify them as violent oppressors. Therefore, we in Sao Paulo are living in fear, because crime has risen.

    3) these groups are called to ” talk” with the government, and not surprisingly bring an agenda that is exactly what the government wants to implement. Therefore, the Party gets some fake ” popular” credibility to pass their laws.

    There is no doubt these groups are led by the Marxists. They chant marxist slogans, are photographed with Marxists books, etc. The Free Bus Ride Group have met with the Zapatistas in Mexico, as pictures in the internet can prove.

    Things will only get worse as we get near the time of elections. There is no doubt that the PCC will at some moment create havoc to destabilize the Sao paulo government. There is already a rumor that the PCC has threatened the family of the governor. The Workers Party is capable of anything. Let´s hope for the best.