Argentina: Cristina recovering from brain surgery

At the WSJ,
Argentine President Kirchner Recovering After Surgery
Buenos Aires Governor Says She Is Recovering From the Anesthesia

The 60-year-old president was diagnosed Saturday with a chronic subdural hematoma—a blood clot that developed after she suffered an undisclosed type of head injury in August. Her physicians ordered her to take a month off to recover from the hematoma. Then on Sunday, she complained of headaches, tingling sensations and loss of mobility in her left arm, prompting her medical team to recommend surgery to drain the hematoma.

Secrecy remains,

Her condition was announced in a three-paragraph statement late Saturday after she spent more than nine hours in the hospital. It said she suffered a “traumatismo cranial” on Aug. 12, but gave no details on how this injury happened.

August 11 was a rough day for the president. Despite her intensive campaigning, primary election results that night showed a significant drop in support for her party’s candidates ahead of the Oct. 27 congressional elections.

Vice president Amado Boudou is temporarily in charge of the government.

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