The Labor Day Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean

Not Crying for Argentina but Fearful of a Ruling
The U. S. and the International Monetary Fund are concerned about a decision that would force Argentina to pay all its creditors equally and hold processing banks responsible if the country did not.

Colombia Deploys Military After Protest
President Juan Manuel Santos ordered 50,000 troops into Bogotá after violent protests in support of striking farmers left two dead.

Cuban General Dead, North Korean General Purged — Coincidence?

Full Disclosure: Contents of North Korean Smuggling Ship Revealed

Dissidents: Cuban political prisoner Ivan Fernandez is near death because of hunger strike

POLL NUMBERS!!! Honduras election campaign waiting for movement

Mexico, Colombia, Peru and Chile Agree to Remove All Trade Tariffs

Covert U.S. operation sends manned aircraft to help Mexican police

Editorial: Deafening silence from Mexico journalists (H/T Gates of Vienna)

Well, I told you so: Chinese executive who wants to build Nicaraguan trans-ocean canal has spotty global record

South American countries gripped by snow

Puerto Rico Poised for Worst Year Since ’00 on ‘Spooked’ Buyers

Troubling Winds
Puerto Rico’s heavy debt load and weak economy make its bonds a risky bet — and your municipal-bond fund investments may be more vulnerable than you think. Barron’s looks at the territory’s financial troubles — and which funds might be most exposed.
By subscription only: Puerto Rico Responds to Barron’s Story

UNASUR Summit in Suriname Welcomes Back Paraguay

Venezuelan high-rank officials in US drug-trafficking watch list
Most of the sanctions from the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) were imposed on Venezuelan military men and government officials

Who protects reputation for the Bolibourgeoisie?

We Interrupt Maduro’s Enabling Bill In Order To Defend Syria

The week’s posts and podcast:
Nicaragua’s canal: “Dubious Plans and Abundant Unknowns”

Bahamas: Cuban arrivals from Bahamas allege beatings and sexual abuses

En español: Bayly entrevista al Padre Conrado

Cuba: A cargo container full of [counterfit?] euros and dollars

Panama: Cuban weapons “in mint condition”

En español: Como en Venezuela no hay panes, Maduro va a tener que multiplicar penes ACTUALIZADO

Puerto Rico: Throw the lawyer in the clink

Colombia: Farmers and students protest

The 2013 Tango Salon World Champions: Tuesday night tango: Maximiliano Cristiani and Jesica Arfenoni

Argentina: Cristina gives US bondholders a raspberry

Brazil: Dilma fires foreign minister

Venezuela: No bread, but they’ll build a circus

US-Latin America stories of the week

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2 Responses to “The Labor Day Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean”

  1. jlh Says:

    Mexico, Colombia, Peru and Chile Agree to Remove All Trade Tariffs

    I have heard enough to understand the last three, but is Mexico really of benefit to the group? Is it the oil, or the comparative size of the economy?

  2. Fausta Says:

    May be a combination of both, jlh. Certainly, as LatAm’s 2d largest economy, the group would lose by not including Mexico.