Colombia: Legalizing the FARC

This does not bode well,
Santos Says Colombians Would Back FARC in Congress to Seal Peace (emphasis added)

President Juan Manuel Santos said Colombians would accept a deal granting unelected guerrilla leaders seats in Congress if it brings an end to a conflict that has left 220,000 dead

Say again?

  • Unelected
  • Guerrilla leaders
  • seats (plural) in Congress

And “special treatment,” too:

Voters would pass a referendum containing unpopular measures such as the transformation of the FARC into a political party and special treatment in the justice system for crimes committed by guerrillas, as part of a package that ends half a century of bloodshed, Santos said.

The thing standing between Santos’s sweet deal?

The process is complicated by opponents who “extrapolate and magnify” some issues in order to frighten the public, rather than weighing them as part of a pact that brings peace, he said.

It better be complicated: the FARC to this day is still sheltering international terrorists.


5 Responses to “Colombia: Legalizing the FARC”

  1. Macker Says:

    What the hell is Santos smoking? Crack?

  2. Marcos - Brazil Says:

    Dear Fausta,
    please write more about the Forum of Sao Paulo, the organization created by Brazil’s Lula and Castro to change Latin America into an united Marxist region. Brazil has totally fallen to Marxism and is now engaged in the help of all marxist partners.
    Brazil has already received the first of 4000 Cuban physicians who will come to indoctrinate Brazilian poor people on the wonders of communism. These guys are not even certified as doctors and are slaves who never see their salaries (money goes directly to Fidel).
    Keep up the good work.

  3. Fausta Says:

    Apparently officers in the military are being pressured to plea guilty to crimes without trial. Once the FARC are in Congress and are guaranteed “special treatment in the justice system”, the officers are doomed.

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  5. Fausta Says:

    Thank you for your kind words, Marcos. Here’s a new post on Brazil