Princeton University is already paying taxes

As you may know, I’m running for Princeton Municipal Council.

The Wall Street Journal had an op-ed article by James Piereson and Naomi Schaefer Riley: Why Shouldn’t Princeton Pay Taxes?
Money-making ‘nonprofit’ universities don’t pay a fair share of the costs of local public
. I did a post on the real issue affecting Princeton residents, i.e., fiscal responsibility doesn’t grow from more revenues – you must recognize that the taxpayer is not an open checkbook.

The Princeton Patch did an article on my post, Should Princeton University Pay Property Taxes?

Please read my update, Princeton University is already paying taxes (cross-posted at the Princeton Patch). Contrary to what Piereson & Riley assert, PU is already paying taxes.


2 Responses to “Princeton University is already paying taxes”

  1. Davod Says:

    Regarding non-profit schools not paying taxes. Maybe the schools should be treated the same as other non-profit organizations such as habitat For Humanity. If HH sells anything from a market stall to raise money, then the profit is treated the same as a business and taxed. The patent revenue should be treated as a business and taxed.

  2. Fausta Says:

    That’s an interesting alternative, Davod.