The Cuban missile roundup

While the news channels can’t stop distracting themselves with racism, our enemies are still out there:

Cuba’s Criminal Regime and North Korea

After all the talk about hope and change and reform in Cuba, the old Stalinist regime of the Castros turns out to be in bed with North Korea and to be violating UN sanctions on that other Stalinist regime. Birds of a feather….

Today’s news tells us that a North Korean vessel traveling from Cuba to North Korea was stopped and searched near the Panama Canal. Lo and behold, hidden in the sugar were missile parts.

Cuba says it’s not important, because the missile is “obsolete”, but Analysts question Cuba calling Korea ship weapons ‘obsolete’ (emphasis added),

It said the cargo included 240 metric tons of “obsolete defensive weapons”: two Volga and Pechora anti-aircraft missile systems, nine missiles “in parts and spares,” two Mig-21 Bis and 15 engines for those airplanes.

Petersen said the shipment belies the Cuban claims.

“If you’re sending an engine to be repaired why would you sell the entire aircraft?” he said.

The missile radar systems could be upgraded to make air-defense systems more effective at shooting down modern military aircraft, other military analysts said. Defense experts said images released by Panama indicate the cargo is a radar system for the SA-2 family of surface-to-air (SAM) missiles, which are designed to shoot down enemy aircraft at high elevations.

More intriguing yet, former Colombian president Alvaro Uribe tweeted that the missiles were headed to Ecuador,

Alberto de la Cruz translated,

New information coming in… “on the ship loaded with weapons and missiles. Remember that we had provided information regarding this news. I can say that the ship was not on its way to North Korea. This ship was on its way to Ecuador and some of those weapons was for that country.” Regards. I hope this is investigated.

For now, the UN is going to investigate,

Five U.N. investigators, including one from the Security Council, are expected to arrive around the beginning of August once the ship, the Chong Chon Gang, has been unloaded, Panamanian government officials said.

and so far the US has done not-a-thing,

The incident has not derailed U.S.-Cuban talks on migration

Once the five UN guys get back from Panama, expect a strongly-worded letter to follow.


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