Panama: More Cuban weapons in the N. Korean freighter

In addition to the MiG-21 fighters and two missile radar systems they found earlier, now they found 12 engines for MiG-21 fighter jets and “five military vehicles that officials said resembled missile control centers.”

Panama discovers MORE fighter jet engines and military vehicles on the seized boat taking obsolete weapons from Cuba to North Korea
– More military hardware has been discovered on the boat intercepted by Panama on its way from Cuba to North Korea
– The Chong Chon Gang was stopped on July 15
– North Korea says it was to repair the equipment and return it to Cuba
– Cargo includes missile systems, two MiG-21 jet fighters, military vehicles and 12 spare engines, all hidden under bags of brown sugar

Cuba said the weapons on the ship included two anti-aircraft missile batteries, nine disassembled rockets, two MiG-21 fighter jets, and 15 MiG-21 engines, all Soviet-era military weaponry built in the middle of the last century.


The crew set the vessel’s electrical system on fire to disable it, which means the unloading process could take up to ten days, a Panamanian foreign ministry spokesman said.

The UN investigators will arrive next month, after the ship is completely unloaded.

I’m sure they’ll send a strongly-worded letter upon their return to NYC.

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  1. John Says:

    The bags of sugar are being taken to a government warehouse in an interior town.