Brazil: 3 million expected at Copacabana today

Millions of people converged on Copacabana Beach Saturday for an evening vigil with Pope Francis

Hundreds of thousands of youths camped out on Copacabana beach ahead of Pope Francis’ final mass for World Youth Day. The mayor of Rio de Janeiro estimated that some three million people would turn up for Sunday mass. Photo: Associated Press.

Including some Americans:

While mishaps at a papal event are raising doubts about Rio de Janeiro hosting the upcoming Olympics and the World Cup, this, Pope Francis’s first visit to our hemisphere, has shown him relating to the huge crowds on their terms.


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  1. iKNOW Politics Says:

    Pope Francis has been doing some interesting statements, specially regarding gay people. Times are changing!

  2. The maggot Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean | Fausta's Blog Says:

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