Venezuela: Legitimizing Maduro, continued

As I mentioned earlier this week, Nicolas Maduro’s touring Europe in a grand way.

While the EU terms Venezuela’s political situation “difficult and fragile”

Christian Leffler, the managing director for the Americas of the European External Action Service, hopes authorities engage in dialogue with the opposition to develop a political program in the real interest of Venezuela

The head of the European External Action Service’s delegation to Venezuela, Gustavo Palomares, found that the Maduro regime incurred in enough electoral irregularities to have altered the election’s results.

Here’s the report,

In an article in Spain’s El Pais, Palomares calls Venezuela “a failed state.”

Too bad French President François Hollande didn’t read that article:

French President François Hollande and Venezuela’s Nicolas Maduro proclaimed here Wednesday their determination to forge a “strategic alliance” between their two countries.

Whether anything shall come to pass from that meeting remains to be seen. Maybe France will send some toilet paper.

In lighter news, An Idiot’s Guide to Meeting the Pope.

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