The Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean

At least 3 dead, dozens hurt in Argentina train wreck

Tweet of the week:

Brazil’s public finances
An ever-deeper hole

Brazil Bus Protests Illustrate Broader Malaise
The scale and persistence of the protests this past week, some of which turned violent, are a symptom of a broad, if vaguely defined, frustration felt by Brazilians in major cities that goes beyond the price of a bus or subway ticket.

Simultaneous raids in Argentina, Chile and Uruguay after links between football transfers and money laundering
An estimated 150 search warrants were simultaneously implemented in Argentina, Uruguay and Chile in financial institutions, football clubs and players’ representatives looking for evidence on an organization dedicated to money laundering through the sale of soccer players.

Colombia kidnapping: Spanish tourists freed by police
Two kidnapped Spanish tourists are rescued by police in Colombia, as two people suspected of trying to collect a ransom are held in Spain.

A brilliant American financier and his exotic wife build a lavish mansion in the jungles of Costa Rica, set up a wildlife preserve, and appear to slowly, steadily lose their minds. A spiral of handguns, angry locals, armed guards, uncut diamonds, abduction plots, and a bedroom blazing with 550 Tiffany lamps ends with a body and a compelling mystery: Did John Felix Bender die by his own hand? Or did Ann Bender kill him to escape their crumbling dream?

Toronto man, 78, guilty of sex crimes against children in Cuba
On Friday, James McTurk of Toronto became the first Canadian convicted of sex crimes committed against children in Cuba.

Miami judgment hits Dominican Republic for $50M

CPJ dismayed by approval of media law in Ecuador

Editorial: Fruitless del Norte

Andres Oppenheimer: U.S. wins rare diplomatic battle in Latin America

Can a Gang Truce Help Save Honduras?
It’s not a long-term solution to rampant drug violence, but it could provide short-term relief.

Xi Jinping in America’s backyard
From pivot to twirl
The Chinese leader tries a smooth move in America’s backyard
. He visited Costa Rica and Mexico.

New drug threat to West Africa, warns president of Guinea
Latino drug cartels are seeking new West African client states after French military action in Mali destroyed their key smuggling route to Europe, the president of Guinea has warned.

Toeing the Line

Security in Mexico
The new face of Mexican policing
A public-private effort to reduce violence in Mexico’s wealthiest city

Mexico’s Spoiled Rich Kids
The entitled children of the country’s elite are now coming under fire.

Peruvian politics
The president is not for pardoning

Migrants in Puerto Rico Await Driver’s Licenses

The Ghost of Chavez: Venezuela Getting Sicker

They came, they saw, they squatted

CARDENAS: The ‘Cubanization’ of Venezuela
Domination by the Castros has accelerated since Chavez’s death

The Obama administration has a funny way of rewarding those who call us ‘imperialistas

The week’s posts:
Venezuela: Ban baby bottles next?

The Nicaragua canal: Don’t be the next Lord Crawley

Venezuela: The lifeline, the triple currency

Puerto Rico: 65th Infantry to be honored with Congressional Gold Medal

Venezuela: The toilet paper app UPDATED

Argentina: Good-bye, business, hello drug lords

Mary O’Grady takes Joe Biden to the woodshed

US-Latin America issues of the week

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