News from New Jersey: Prince Harry, Napoleon’s penis

1. First, Prince Harry went to Mantoloking and got a fleece jacket,

Chris Christie gives Prince Harry his own ‘Royal Fleece’ on N.J. tour
Christie had joked that he would make sure Prince Harry stayed clothed during his trip to the Jersey Shore. He followed through on his vow by giving the visiting royal a version of his famous blue fleece.

Maybe there’s something to the fleece,

2. In case you were looking, Napoleon’s penis is in New Jersey. Jimmy Hoffa’s whereabouts are yet to be confirmed.

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  1. Pro-bono Depardieu | Fausta's Blog Says:

    […] Considering his current avoirdupois, if I were a casting agent, I’d suggest that he play a nice guy, send him a fleece jacket, & have him star as governor of NJ. […]