Yoani Sanchez in Jaime Bayly’s show: en español

Due to time constraints, I’m unable to translate the interview, but here are the 3 YouTubes in Spanish. With apologies to my English language readers,

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3 Responses to “Yoani Sanchez in Jaime Bayly’s show: en español”

  1. Matthew M Says:

    Thanks for posting and expanding my awareness of what goes on in the Spanish-speaking world. I learned two things from these clips:

    Yoani Sanchez in conversation is more beautiful than still images can capture.

    The ‘CC’ button that appears in the menu bar when the video is playing has a translation option! Obviously a computer app is not fluent—let alone elegant—but makes it possible to follow the topics discussed.

  2. Fausta Says:

    Thanks Matthew! I’m glad the CC works!

  3. Alejandro de Pinedo Says:

    WHAT A WOMAN …………….!!!!!!!!!!!.WITH BALLS !