Venezuela: Maduro wins

Official results:

The electoral board announcement was pushed back over and over, with the TV anchors talking on and on. Venevision even showed their entire crew.

By 11:10PM (10:40 Caracas time), Globovision said that no announcement could be made until the number of uncounted votes was smaller than the difference between the candidates, which, at that late hour pointed to a close election.

Finally, almost at midnight, after repeated appeals for calm, the announcement, as I predicted.

Venezuela’s Cuban Election
The Castro regime wasn’t going to allow an easy victory for the opposition candidate who has pledged to stop sending oil to Havana.

Over 370,000 null votes, and have not added overseas votes,

@NoticiasCaracol tweeted “Maduro got 7,505,338 votes, 50.66%, 234,935 more than opposition candidate Henrique Capriles, who got 7,270,403.”

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3 Responses to “Venezuela: Maduro wins”

  1. MAB Says:

    and the Castro brothers “win” another election! My sympathies to the Venezuelan people. If they don’t clean up the REP and the CNE, they are looking at a repetition of the last 50+ years in Cuba.

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